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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Using a Flat Iron

After 26 years of grooming, I Love trying new things.
Or finding new ways to groom.
Especially those light bulb moments.
The times you read a grooming post, or see a grooming demonstration, and you think...
I can't believe I didn't think of that!
How stupid am I?
I can't believe I have been doing things the hard way all of this time.
I am sure I am not the only one.
I hope I am not the only one.

Well, I get mad at myself for about 5 minutes.
Feel stupid.
THEN, I can't wait to try what I learned.

This is 'Osito'.
He is a Havanese.
He is SO sweet.

This is 'Osito' after he has been bathed with Show Seasons, and blow dried as straight as I could get him.
As you can see he is one fuzzy dog.

I love the Show Seasons.
His Mom brings it in for him.

'Osito' is the only Show Dog I groom.
He is the only one I have ever groomed.
I will tell you, I am not crazy about that responsibility.
'Osito's' Mom is new to the Show world, and it is too political for me.
I don't ever want to be responsible for him not winning.

When I signed up for the Groom Expo in Hershey a couple of weeks ago, I went to the Judges rules to make sure my dog qualified.
I also wanted to make sure that I knew all of the rules.
While reading, I came across a reference to using a Flat Iron.

"Curling and Flat Irons are permitted."

That was a light bulb moment.

Use a Flat Iron on a dog?
Why hadn't I thought of that?
Really, sometimes I wonder about myself.
The first dog I thought of, was 'Osito'.
His Mom always asks me to get him as straight as I can.

Well , I went right out an bought a Flat Iron.
I got lucky too.
It is back to school time, and there were a ton to choose from.
I picked one that you can control the temperature.
It also came with a Mini Flat Iron. :))

I could not wait till 'Osito" came in again.

Bare with me. A lot of this grooming  was trial and error.

I also made sure that I was being as careful as I could.

"Osito' stood there like a statue!

If he had not been so good or moved too much, he would have stayed fuzzy.

I never let the Flat Iron touch the skin.
(Common sense)

I parted the hair down his back first.
Then I made sure he was mat free.

I started at his rear leg, and worked with small sections. I worked my way up the leg.

I used a hair clip to hold up the hair I wanted to keep out of the way.

I started at a low Tempeature, and slowly set it higher, till I liked the look of the hair.

This particular Flat Iron puts moisture back into the hair.

I moved the Iron slowly, never allowing it to sit in one place.

Look how good he is being. :))

One side done.

You can see the fuzzy hair sticking up on the other side of the part.
I could have done more, but I was being a little conservative for my first time.

 On the left: Before the Flat Iron.

On the right: After the Flat Iron.

<- Back leg: Before

Back leg: After ->

Next time I will use a little higher setting.

His Mom was thrilled.
I had fun.
'Osito' was great.

Using the Flat Iron only took me an extra 20 minutes.
Did I mention, I had fun.

I love grooming.
I love when everything turns out right.
I love when the owner is happy. 

"Osito' has won once before.
I hope he wins again!

Happy Grooming, MFF

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