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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday's Tip #15 Keeping Track

This is a simple tip I learned about 5 years ago at one of the seminars at Groom Expo.
I always say that, if I learn at least one thing at a grooming seminar that will help make grooming easier, it was worth the price of admission.

This tip is mainly helpful to shop groomers.
If you are mobile, this tip will not be helpful, sorry.

This is our grooming board.
It keeps track of the dogs that come in everyday.

This board helps the groomers  know which dog to work on next.

It also helps whoever is checking-in a dog know roughly what time to tell a customer when to call about their dog.

This board has helped us keep our grooming days organized.

 First, buy a Dry Erase Board and different color Dry Erase Pens.
The size depends on the number of groomers in your shop and the number of dogs you groom in a day..

 Figure out the times your dogs usually go home.
We bring our dogs in throughout the day.
Two in at 8am, out @ 10-11am.
Two in at 9am, out @ 11am.
Two or three in at 10am, out @ noon.
Two in at 11am, out @ 1pm.
Two or three in at noon, out @ 2 -3pm.
Two in at 1pm, out @ 3-4pm.

As the dogs come in, their name is written down next to the time they are expected to be finished.
If a dog comes in at 8am, but the owner can't pick up till 4pm, the dogs name gets written on the 4pm line, so that that dog will be started later in the day.
The dogs are groomed in the order that they are written on the board.

As you finish a dog, all you need to do is check  the board to know who is next to be bathed or finished.

Across the top is a: (these are written in permanent marker)
*Time out column:
This is where you would write the times your dogs go home. (the times do not have to be exact, just an estimated finish time)

*The dogs name/groom column:
This is where you would write the dogs name and the kind of grooming they are getting. B&T, CD, Puppy cut, ect.

*The Bath Column:
This is the column that you would mark an X when the dog has been bathed.

*The Finished Column:
This is were you would mark an X when the dog is finished.

Because there are only two groomers in our shop, we use two different color Dry Erase Pens to write down the dogs.
One color for each groomer.

If there are more then two groomers, I would write the groomers names across the top for their own column of dogs.

I would also turn the board sideways to have more room across the top.

If you are a groomer that takes all of your dogs in in the morning, then bathes everyone, and then does all of your finishes, this can work for you too.
If you don't start finishing your dogs till noon or one, start your time out column with 12 or 1.
List your dogs as they arrive or in the order that they will be picked up.
This will still keep order to your day, and help you remember at-a-glance who came in first.

A quick look at this board can tell a groomer what they need to do next, or tell a receptionist who is done, who isn't finished yet, and roughly the time the dog may be finished.
As the dogs go home, we erase their names off the board.
That way you also know who has left and who still needs to be picked up.

We love using our board.
I hope this helps someone keep their day in order.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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