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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

31 Days Till Vacation!

I am not really counting down the days, because I really love grooming, but after days like today, I can't wait to go to the beach.

The morning seemed to be going pretty good when we pulled up to the shop 15 minutes early.
No rushing around to get ready for the day.

Then it started.

One of our 8am appointments pulled up at 7:50.
We still had the CLOSED sign out and the light in the lobby was still off.
Did they wait till 8am to come in?
Did they wait till I turned the sign around?
Did they wait till I turned on the lobby lights?


She is a nice customer, but she was totally oblivious to the fact that we weren't open yet.
The closed sign and lights out must not have been enough of a clue.  :/

That was only the beginning.
Almost all of my early appointments wanted or needed their dogs back asap.
On top of that, my 1pm appointment, a very large Cocker that can not stand, and that I try to get back out as quickly as possible, came in an hour early.  :p

Thankfully everything went smoothly, and I got everyone out on time.

I also managed to find a little time to clean up my grooming area.

I don't know about other groomers out there, but my area starts out really nice and organized... 

This was 8 months ago.

 ...then over time it becomes a mess.

My  tool draw become a total mess.

The top of my dresser becomes an even bigger mess.

The hair is mat that I was saving.
It was off of a very matted Yorkie that I groomed Saturday.
When I have a dog that is so matted that it causes sores, I take pictures and hold on to the mat for a few days.

Yes, some times I leave it sitting on top of the dresser.

I straightened things out today.
I have determined that I have too much stuff.

I will say that I do use all of it.
~The Happy Hoodie on top of the Ear powder bottle.
~The toilet paper to clean out and dry runny eyes.
~The hairspray for limp topknots.
~The mineral oil for cleaning out ear mites.
I use everything on the top of my dresser.

After 26 years of grooming, I will admit that I have collected A LOT of tools.

I do use all of the tools in this drawer.
I am not going to show you the other drawer that is full of tools that I have bought, tried and did not like.

I don't like to think about all of the money I have spent on that stuff.
Especially the $100 dollar shears I bought on someones high recommendation.

Unfortunately they just sit there and collect dust.
I would love to organize a large groomer yard sale one day, to buy and swap tools with other groomers in the area.
I am just not sure how that would go over.

Anyway, it is amazing how good it feels to get your tools in order.
I know that some groomers would say 'why don't you just straighten up after you finish everyday?'
I do start out doing that, really I do, it just slowly seems to get out of control.
Some days I look at my dresser after a very long day, and say I'll straighten up tomorrow morning before I get started.
Then tomorrow morning comes, and your first two dogs are waiting for you, and you promise yourself that you will straighten up when you finish today...not.

I know, I am making excuses.
My daughters dresser looks nice all of the time.
Don't people like that drive you crazy?  :)

Well, at least my dresser will stay nice for a little while before it turns messy again. :)

One other thing before I go.

We had one new customer today.

A little Yorkiepoo.

 I was so surprised to see all of the tight curls on this dog.
All of the other Yorkiepoo's that we groom have wavy hair.

Isn't he adorable?
Look at those curls.

I think if he were mine, I would actually let him air dry, and keep him curly.

It turned out that the owner HATES the curly hair.
She hates the hair in general.
She has always had Beagles.
She hates having to get the dog groomed.

 She wanted everything shaved off.

So my daughter shaved him with a #7f, everything off.

The owner wanted the cut to last till winter.

Why is it that the people who own the dogs with the nice coats want them shaved?  :(

31 days till vacation.  :)

Remember to take some time for yourself during this busy grooming season.

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. SAD about the yorkie-poo :( It IS always the cute ones that want NO hair & the ones with bad hair & owners who don't brush who want them fluffy. Why get a yorkie-poo if u want no hair? why not get a beagle again?

  2. Kali,
    I agree 100%. I have never understood why people buy long haired breeds and then keep them shaved.
    Lisa, MFF