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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday's Tip Another Little Tool Find

 Do you pluck ears with your fingers?

Do you have trouble getting hold of the hair with your fingers?

Does the ear powder make your fingers rough and dry?

Does it actually hurt your fingers sometimes when plucking stubborn hair?


You might like this little $3.00 tool that I found at Groom Expo.

I found it at the Groomers Mall booth.
It is like having tweezers with handles.

I like the wide grippers.

I can do the same with my lock-less forceps, but they have pointy tips, and do not crab very much hair.

These are nice and square.

They are a nice size, and fit nicely in the ear.

Even once I put ear powder in this ear, the hair will still be a little slick from the ear wax.

You have to keep adding a little more powder to keep a grip on the hair with your fingers.

I pluck most of the ears with my fingers.

I only use the locking forceps and twist the hair out when I have to.

I would rather pluck the hair out a little at a time instead of twisting it out all at once. 

Depending on how much ear hair I pluck in a day, my fingers can get very sore.

The ear powder also causes the skin on my fingers to dry and crack sometimes.

These Plucking Tweezers are great.

They are like using my fingers.

I can pluck as much or as little hair as I want at a time.

 They grab hold of the hair really nicely.

I also don't have to wipe the hair out of them constantly.

They will keep plucking even with some already plucked ear hair suck to them.

All of this hair plucked, and my fingers don't hurt.  :)

I plucked most of this ear with the Plucking Tweezers.

I did have to use my locking forceps to twist out that last little hunk of hair that brought up all of that hair that was way down in the ear.

You know, that long hunk of hair that just seems to keep coming from way down in the ear.

Anyway, the Plucking Tweezers did a nice job, and my fingers are clean.

Below is a very short clip of me using my new little $3.00 tool.

If you are interested in getting one of these Plucking Tweezers, here is the link to the Groomers Mall.

This link should take you to the page that the Plucking Tweezers are on.
Just scroll down a little more than half way.

I hope this post will be helpful to someone.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I have a pair of tweezers I picked up in Mexico that are exactly like that. It took a while to get used to them but I love them for plucking.

  2. These were the same type I first started using when I started grooming, I love them. They get a good hold of the hair and no more ouchy dry fingers.

  3. Bev and Michelle,
    I agree with both of you. They were worth every penny. lol :)