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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Client Notes

I am used to getting notes from customers about what they want on their dogs.
Some are short and to the point, and others are full of exact details.

I have had customers bring in printouts from the internet, mainly for Labradoodles.
I have other customers bring in a breed book showing me how to groom their dog.

I had one customer bring in the front of a Milkbone box and tell me that she wanted her dogs head to look like that dog.
You know the one...with the very cute Westie.

Only her dog was not a Westie.
It's ears didn't even stand up.

I even have one customer that loved the way I groomed her little Maltese so much the first time, that she took a picture of the dog.
She has been back at least a dozen times since that first grooming and brings that picture with her every time to remind me what I did.  :)

Today I had a first.

I got a note, but it had no words on it.

(I hope that you can see this well enough.)

The note was a drawing.

I thought that it was cute.

What do you think was the first thing that I noticed on this note/drawing?

How many of you guessed 'the ears'?

How many of you guessed the 'eyelashes'?

The 'eyelashes' have it!

I could not help but start to laugh when I saw the drawing.
The drawing was about how she wanted the ears to look, but she made sure that I was not to forget about leaving the eyelashes.

  This little lady is an Australian Labradoodle.

She is the only one that I groom.

She has one tightly curled coat.

It is a job getting this coat fluffed out straight.

If you look hard you can see her long eyelashes.

I have never touched them.

Not even to trim them.

I am still waiting for her to at least ask me to trim them a little.

This dogs Vet told the owner that she needs to shorten and get rid of a lot of the hair on the ear to allow the ears to stay infection free.

I wonder if her Vet said anything to her about how long the dogs lashes are.

 So, on to the ears.

The owner does not want the ears 'shaved' short.

She wants me to make them short and cute at the same time.


I like short and cute ears.

They look a lot better than long, stringy ears.

I scissored them up to just below the leather.

I clipped the inside of the ear all of the way down, with the #15 blade.

I thought about skimming the outside of the ears with a clip comb, but decided instead to layer them with my scissors.

I think that I groomed her pretty close to the owners drawing.

Right down to the eyelashes.

Only I was not able to make them curl up like in the drawing.  :)

Maybe I should go out and buy one of those eyelash cruncher thingies that I have seen women use.

Maybe I wouldn't mind leaving them so much if they curled up.


They are just too long for me.

The owner was happy with the ears.

I don't want to think about what would happen if I ever forgot and cut those lashes off.

 I liked her drawing.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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