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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some More Before & Afters

I was trying to take more before and afters, but it has been so crazy, busy lately that I take the before, but forget to take the after.

And Jess....she grooms so fast, that she forgets to have me take a before, and is half way done the dog before I realize that we did not get a picture. :/

So here are the before and afters that I did manage to get.

  I have been grooming this little lady for 18 years.

It scares me to death to groom her now. She is blind and deaf, but she is still a sweetheart.

She longer likes to have anything done with her head, and her owners are very understanding that I do the best I can with her head.

I don't want her upset in anyway.

Thankfully, I can still have her done and home within an hour.

She gets a #4F on her body, and her legs hand scissored to a #4F length, because she no longer tolerates the blade on her legs.

Her head and face?    whatever she will let me do. :)

 I have only groomed this sweetheart three times.

She is the gentlest soul.

She gets all of her feathering scissored up tight.

I go over her body lightly with the thinning shears to blend in fly-a-way hair.

I also used thinning shears to blend her ears into her neck.

I have been grooming this guy for 14 years.

He came to me when he was about 2 years old, because other groomers had refused to groom him.

I had worked with him and got him to the point where he no longer got upset being groomed...until recently.

He has now become a grumpy old man with very bad hips, bad ears, and is almost blind.

He takes a little longer to groom now, but we get it done.

Thankfully his cut is simple.

Clipdown #4F all over.
Scissor ears to the leather and skim with the #4F blade.
Face with the #4F and scissor, chin off with the #7F blade, top of the head short.

This guy is sweet, but he is a kennel shy nervous wreck.

Every groom is like starting over again with this dog.

I think the pictures show that he warms up between getting him out of the kennel and the finished groom. :)

This is one of Jessica grooms that I managed to get a before and after of.

I can't remember for sure, but I am pretty sure that she clips him with a 3/4 blade and scissors his head to proportion with the body.

 Another one of Jessica's grooms.

As you can see, she had already clipped his face and two of his feet before I noticed and got the before picture.

He normally gets a Retriever cut with the #7F on the body and scissor the legs, but he was pretty matted.

It is hard to see, but Jess still left the Retriever pattern, but she had to use a 3/4 blade to get through the mats on the legs.

This guy is one of mine, and guess what?

I forgot to take a picture before I bathed him.

So I took one before I dried him, because he comes in so greasy, this before picture isn't very far from looking like what he looked like before I bathed him. (how is that for a run-on sentence?)

This guy gets hand scissored, and yes, that is exactly how the owner likes the ears. :)

This guy is very, very sweet.

He is also very, very, lazy!

I have to keep my hand under him to groom him.

If my hand is not under him, he plops right down.

He gets a Lamb cut, a #4F on the body and scissor the legs.

I skim a #4F over the top of the head, scissor the legs just below the leather, and LEAVE THE EYELASHES! (they are as long as the mustache)

 Last but not least, this sweetie pie.

He has been a little depressed since his friend pasted away, but with a good bath and a lot of lovin', he cheers up. :)

He gets hand scissored all over, but leave those ears and tail long!

Oh, and leave those wispy hairs on the top of his head.

Well, that is it for this time.

I'll be trying to collect more. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love the lamb cut on a shih tzu. That's what mine gets.