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Friday, November 2, 2012


I freak my family out sometimes by predicting things before they happen.

Nothing big, just little things.

Something will suddenly pop in my head and then it will happen shortly after I thought about it.
It can be a little scarey sometimes.
Whenever this happens, my husbands always asks me; "why don't you ever think about numbers to play?"

Anyway, I freaked myself out yesterday.
Shortly after we got to work, I was getting ready for the day when a thought popped into my head.

'Someone is going to call about a dog that they found during the hurricane that desperately needs to be groomed.'

That was it.
Then, just that quickly, it was out of my head and I forgot about it.

About half an hour later my Vets office called.
They had a client there that had found a dog during the hurricane and it was overgrown and matted and needed to be groomed.
They wanted to know if we could fit the dog in for a grooming.

 It freaked me out, but I didn't even give it a second thought, and told my husband to tell them that we would groom the dog.
This was meant to be, right?

 This is 'Sandy'.

Her new owner found her while taking medicine to her sister during the hurricane.

She saw this little girl in the street dodging cars, and watched her almost get hit twice.

The new owner tried to call to her and get her to come  to her, but the dog ran away.

Later she went back to check on her sister again, and saw the dog again.

This time the dog came to her when she called it.

She brought the dog home.

She took the dog to a Vet and got her checked out and her shots.

She had already bought the dog a new collar and leash.

AND, she is in love with this dog.

Well she should be.
The dog is a doll.
Very shy, calm and sweet.

It is just my opinion, but I do not think that this dog was being cared for properly before this woman found her.
We are guessing that the dog is between 8 months to almost a year old.
Her belly and the inside of her legs were covered in tight mats that were soaked with urine and feces. 
It is my guess, but I feel strongly that this little girl had been spending most of her time in a small, confined area where she was forced to lay in her own mess.
Why was she out in that storm?

The new (temporary) owner is going to keep her while looking for her owner, but to be honest, I really hope that she keeps the dog.

She was a little scared of the water at first, but very quickly realized that it was not hurting her.

I started out drying her with her body smashed up against my chest, and her head under my arm, but by the time I had her half way dry, she was standing on the drying table like a pro.

She was a fluffy thing. :)

She could not see anything.

She was in fairly good shape other than those mats on her belly and the inside of her legs.

I was able to HV dry them away from her belly enough to get a #7 blade under them.

So, she had one naked little belly.

 I decided to clip the rest of her with a purple clip comb and scissor her up.

She was a dream to work on.

How could anyone not love that face?

Her new owner came back to pick her up with a new fluffy bed and a new coat.
She is VERY smitten with this dog.
She asked all kind of questions about how to take care of her.
As I said at the beginning of the post, the dogs new name is 'Sandy' for the hurricane.
Her new owner thought that that name was appropriate.
I agree.

This little girl is such a sweet soul, she deserves a wonderful, safe home.

I was very happy to help make this little girl feel better after being out and alone in such an awful storm. 

Even if I did freak myself out. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Also, Sandy just like the lil pup from Annie!! How cute!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful!!! Just hope she stays in that new home i think she will be very good cared for ;) god bless people like this.... And hope ur better of ur tooth since i couldnt post in the previous one :) my best wishes...oh and let me know if u get into the future reading ;)

    1. Thanks Jessica,
      My tooth is much better. As for reading the future...sometimes I think that would be nice, but at the same time...I am not so sure I would want to know. lol
      Lisa, MFF

  3. That's so great that you could play a role in helping this little girl be happy and healthy!
    I hope she stays with this owner too!

    1. hi Lisa, you are an awesome groomer!! and obviously an animal lover so am i..you were talking about hurricane sandy does that mean you are near clifton nj i would love to get contact information for your shop. this is my first visit to a blog and not sure how to reply and it is only giving me choice of anonymous for reply soon ill learn how to gt my name in there Thanks for all your wonderful postings about dog grooming:) Happy Holidays,Shelley

    2. Hi Shelly,
      Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond.
      My shop is in Maryland. We were effected a little by Sandy, but nothing like right along the coast.
      I hope that you had a wonderful Holiday! :)
      Lisa, MFF