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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Painful Groomings

Some grooming's can be very painful to do.
The owner asks for a cut that seems to physically hurt you to do.

Like the groom that I did the other day.

 This 4 month old puppy.

A puppy with long, beautiful hair.

Hair that only had a couple of tiny mats.

He had enough hair on his head to tie it back in a nice topknot and bow.

And, guess what...the hair was long enough to get every piece in that topknot with no stray hairs sticking out.

Years ago I owned a Shih-tzu.

I wanted his hair to grow long so bad.

He didn't have hair like this.

Every time his hair got longer than 4 inches he would start to mat up.

Over night!

I swear, no matter how much I brushed that dog, (which he hated ) his hair would mat.

I tired for about two years before I finally gave up.
My Shih-tzu just was not meant to have beautiful long hair.
He was hot all of the time too, so I gave in.
He lived happily for 17 years with a short lamb cut. :)

Anyway, back to this little guy.

His owner has another Shih-tzu that she keeps in a medium length, and she knows that she doesn't have the time to keep up with the coat on this little puppy.
She said that the puppy also does not like to be brushed.
So, she is doing the right thing.
She is having me cut the coat shorter.

 I had him all bathed and blow dried, ready for his clip.

It was sooooo hard.

I even had my husband call the owner to double check on the length that the owner wanted.

It was so painful to take the clip comb to this coat.

It felt like such a shame.
All that beautiful hair cut off. :(


Why do the owners with the matted dogs want us to save their dogs coat, and the owners that have dogs with naturally long, beautiful hair want us to cut it off????


I am okay now.

I just had to let that out.

It hurts to look at it doesn't it?

It hurt to cut it too.

This puppy was so good.

But, so lazy. :)

Although, just like my Shih-tzu, I think he was liking his new hairdo.

He did turn out cute.

He looks happier now...

...without his long, beautiful hair.

Oh well.

Maybe he will stand up for me next time. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I have been here for sure! My family shows Tibetan Terriers at shows in Ireland the UK so going into grooming Ive always had appreciation for a long healthy coat!

    This is my new 6month old puppy Ally.
    Hopefully you can see that pic! I cant wait till she is full length and I am blessed that she isnt a matter!

    So yeh it completely sucks when im asked to shave a bichon super tight or a shih tzu with "no frills" as an owner asks! It happened just last week and December is cold here so I spent a half hour with one owner trying to reach a comprimise on coat length so the dog wouldnt get cold!
    oh well!

    1. WOW DJ!
      I can't wait to see her in full coat either. She is going to be gorgeous. I love her markings.
      I can't even imagine the transition from working with show coats to pet grooming. I am not surprised that it kills you to shave all those pets down, especially when you get a dog in with a nice coat.
      I would love to see another picture of her when she gets her full coat.

      Sorry to take so long to reply. It has been crazy lately. :/
      Lisa, MFF

    2. Hi Lisa

      What blade and clip on did you used on the puppy cut

    3. Hi,
      To me a 'puppy cut' is when the hair is left longer than a #4F blade. In my shop a 'puppy cut' is when the hair on the dog is left on the longer side. Although, I have had a few customers that come in asking for a 'puppy cut' only they actually want their dogs hair cut very short. So, a 'puppy cut' can mean different cuts to different groomers.
      I consider ALL clip comb lengths 'puppy cuts' because you have to follow up the cut with scissors to smooth it out.
      Lisa, MFF

  2. I know how you feel - I feel the same way about Scottie owners that want to clip their dogs gorgeous coat when stripping would be so much nicer and easier to maintain.