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Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Comb

I don't know how other groomers feel, but my comb is like a part of my hand ever since I started grooming.

I have a lot of combs.
All of them different.
I do tend to use them all, because each one of them works differently on different coats, but one comb....one comb is special.
One of my combs I use every day, on every dog, for everything.

If I reach for my comb and don't pick up my everyday comb, I know it instantly.
I don't even have to look t it.
I knew it by feel.

By feel?

Yep, you betcha.
I know it by feel.

Every once in a while I will drop my comb, and it will bounce and disappear.
It is amazing how that can happen.
I drop it, or the dog kicks it off my table, and I look down for it and it is not there.
You would think that it should be right there on the floor at my feet, but no!
That sucker bounces across the room, or way back under my table, ooooor sometimes it just simply melts into the floor and goes to that invisible place that I can't see at all, or find it at all.

I can't leave my dog to look for the darn thing so I have to reach for one of my other combs.
The other comb feels so wrong, because I am supposed to be using the one that fell on the floor....my everyday comb.

I don't feel that way when I intentionally use a different comb.

Good grief......I am a mess. :)

These are just some of my combs.

There is nothing wrong with them.

They all comb the hair.

They are just not my everyday comb.

They don't feel as good in my hand as my everyday comb.

I know, I am nuts.

This is my everyday comb.

I have been using it for years.

It is my second favorite comb.

My first comb died.

Yes, I said died.

I had had my first comb for years and years and years.

Eventually some teeth feel out of it.
I had to replace it.
I didn't want to.
I loved that comb.
I had bought it at Hershey about 25 years earlier, from and elderly man that had a little booth and made the combs.
It was very light, and it just glided through the coat.

Did I say that I loved that comb?

I was so sad when the first tooth fell out.
I never saw that man at Hershey again.

I kept using that comb until it lost about three or four teeth.
The poor thing, it looked so pathetic.
But, that comb was an old friend.
It had been through a lot of dogs with me.

Yes, I know it is just a comb.

Don't ruin this for me.
I can cry over a comb if I want too.

Anyway, I finally let that comb go.
I replaced it with my current comb.
It was the only comb that I could find that was close to my other one.

It took a few days to get used to.
I know, I know, it only took a few days, whats the big deal?

If you are a groomer, I bet you understand.

Oh yes you do!!

I know that there are groomers out there that have a favorite comb, or brush, or clipper, or whatever tool.
I bet there are groomers out there with tools, or a tool that they just love and couldn't groom without, or would feel funny if they had to break in a new tool.


OMG please tell me it is not just me!!!!!
Please tell me you know exactly what I am talking about.


Just me??

Oh well.....

It's been through a lot....my comb.

Grooming everyday.

Grooming competitions.

Matted coats.


Some of the teeth are bent.
I bend them back, but they just bend again.

 It is tarnished in areas, but so far my good old comb still has all of its teeth.

I love this comb because it is very thin and light.

It has a side with teeth close together, and a side with wider teeth, and I use both sides regularly.

This comb has paid for itself many times over.

It has seen better days, but I am not ready to give it up yet.

Oh, by the way, every time my daughter grabs my comb to use it real fast for something....she hates it!
She hates my comb.
It is too thin for her.
She likes her comb, it's thicker......I hate her comb. 

And guess what....if we accidently mix up our nail clippers, she knows right away when it is not her nail clipper.

They are exactly the same brand clipper.
But she knows!!!

To each their own. :-)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. This is exactly why I bring half of my stuff with me to my once-a-week shop even though one of the groomers lets me borrow all of her stuff because she doesn't work Sundays. I use her clippers and blades, but here is what I bring with me every week for 1 day of grooming (but only for a few more weeks, YAY!):

    *My shears. I CAN'T STAND hers. I used them once, then resolved to always bring my own. Once I didn't have a chance to bring mine due to a snow storm and I was so upset to have to use hers for a whole day again.

    *My toe blade. I don't know how I ever groomed without it. Pads on small dogs and ESPECIALLY clean feet on Toy Poodles. Wouldn't you know, the one time I forgot it, nobody in that entire shop even owns one? It's been years and years since I've had to use a 30 on a Toy Poodle for clean feet. That felt like such a chore.

    *My Poodle Comb. Same thing, for Standard Poodles, especially the one I do Pom feet on, there's just nothing better (in my opinion) than a Poodle Comb, but nobody else owns one.

    *If I am doing a full-coated breed, particularly my full-coated Havanese that I do, I make sure to bring my pin brush. I just find it much easier to work through her mats without damaging her coat using a pin brush. And again, nobody owns one. I did recently have somebody show me a slicker brush with the nubbins on each tine and ask if that was what I meant by a pin brush. Uh, no, not so much.

    *My nail clippers. I don't think I'm THAT picky, but the groomer whose stuff I borrow has really old, dull, bend the nail rather than cut them nail clippers. I could try everybody's nail clippers to find good ones, but it's just easier to bring my own.

    *My slicker brush. We seem to replace our brushes at different times, and two otherwise identical brushes with different wear just FEEL different. Her brush doesn't feel right, so I bring my own.

    So, long story short, no, you are not the only groomer who feels that way.


  2. I no longer feel so embarrassed about whimpering a little when four teeth fell out of my comb. :)

  3. Ooh, I'm with Jennifer on the slicker brush! I hate using someone else's brushes.. it just feels weird somehow.

  4. I trained with a woman who had a small comb with very close set teeth. As a trainee i had a comb with quite wide teeth, id spend ages combing a dog out with my wide comb only for her to come check the dog with her comb and still find knots and tangles. It was so frustrating! When she retired i made sure i got her comb, its mine now and i love it too. Its my favourite and with been through a lot together in 11 years and 3 salon moves. Its the best comb ever! :)