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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No #4F Blade

Yesterday I mentioned in my post that I had sent most of my blades and scissors out to be sharpened and fixed by a new sharpener.

I held back one long, straight shear, one short curved shear, and one of each #3F, #4F, #5F and #7F blade, that were still cutting okay.
I also had my clip combs to fall back on.

 The day after I sent out my blades, I had this little one come in for a simple #4F clip.

I picked up the only #4F blade I still had and started to clip this freshly bathed dog, only to find out that I had held back the wrong blade.

The blade that I had held back was dull!!

(Bang head on table....hard!!)

I must have mixed them up when I had all of my blades spread out on my table to package up.


No #4F blade!!

I thought about using my clip comb, but I just knew that the clip comb would leave this soft, silky coat so choppy that I would have to spend a while scissoring it just to smooth the cut out.

Even using the clip comb in reverse would have looked choppy.

Plus the fact that I am not a big fan of reverse clipping.


 So, I decided to skip the clip comb and just hand scissor the whole dog down to the 4F length, or at least close to it.

 The cut turned out okay, but it was not quite a 4F length.

Maybe somewhere in between the #4F and #3F blade length.

Well, my blades came back today.....Whoopie!!!

I enjoy scissoring, but I was so glad to have a working 4F back.

I'll be giving a review of my newly sharpened blades and scissors tomorrow.
After my last experience with the another sharpener, I am going to test out all of my returned blades tomorrow.
So far I am very pleased with the customer service that I received from Jeff at Northern Tails Sharpening. :)

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