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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fickle Me

For months I have been letting the hair grow out on my toy Poodles face.
I wanted to put him in a Bedlington cut.
It was taking forever for the hair between his eyes and on the bridge of his nose to grow out.

His hair has finally grown out enough to do a decent Bedlington face on.

Sadly, his best friend, my Standard Poodle, has pulled out most of the tassel hair that he had on the end of his ears.

Since they both like to use each others ears as pull toys.

He was so overdue for a good hair cut.

But,  fickle me....
I have gotten tired of not being able to see his eyes.
So after waiting all this time for his facial hair to grow, I didn't do the Bedlington face on him after all.
Plus his ears no longer had tassels.

 So, I did something different.

I can see his eyes now!

 He is bathed every Saturday, and he was cute when he was long and fluffy, but it is so nice to have a nice hair cut on him now.


  1. That's an adorable face! Cute either way. :P

  2. Awww his eyes look so big with that cut. Adorable!

  3. I would love to see a profile view of this! :D Cute, clean, and tight with out having a "poodle" [clean] face :3

  4. Such a cutie! Love it when you post picture of your work. Also, just curious if you have tried out any new grooming products/tools lately and if there will be anymore review type posts in the future :D

  5. He is sooooo cute!

  6. Oh my! He looks gorgeous! I'm sure you'll get lots of requests for this style!

  7. do you know any tips to prevent nicking a squirming pooch? i accidently cut my poodle on his under belly and i flet so upset for hours. the moment he flinched my heart fell to my stomach and i was about to cry. the only reason i even nicked him is because he was squirming. i know it may seem that im over reacting but i did feel terrible, do you know how to prevent doing that again?

  8. absolutely adorable!!!

  9. His expression is just precious! Is the muzzle completely scissored? Any tricks to accomplishing such precise work (besides practice, practice, practice")??