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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Better Late Than Never....

I promised these pictures awhile ago.
Five months ago to be exact.

Sorry about that...life got in the way for awhile. :(

Had an unexpected snow day today.

So, today I am taking a little time out of doing tax paper work to post the pictures from Groom Expos creative contest back in September.

I must apologize in advance because I have realized as I go through these pictures that I have for gotten who won.
Well, that is not exactly true....I remember who won, just don't exactly recall who won 3rd.
There were ten contestants, but five of them had also competed at Intergroom earlier in the year.
They did the same creatives grooms in Hershey that they did at Intergroom, and I have already posted their pictures.

(You can go back to my April 2014 posts and click on 'Intergroom 2014 Creative Grooming' to see Kayla Spears, Angela Kumpe, Brynn Haynes, Andriane Pope, and Cindy Olivers Creative grooms)

So, today's posted pictures will be the contestants from Groom Expo 2014 with dogs and designs that I had not photographed before, and the three winners.


↓  This is Rachel Key and her design of the cartoon 'The Flintstones'.
  There is Betty and Barney on one side and Wilma and Fred on the other side. (somehow I missed getting a picture of the finished Wilma and Fred side...sorry)  The rest of the dog and the dogs head is Dino.

I thought she was very clever in the way she incorporated all of the characters.


↓ This is a creative groom by Christie Krentz.
I don't remember the title of her groom, but  I think it was something to do with a garden.
I thought that making the topknot into a rose was very clever.


↓ This creative groom was done by Su Eld Weaver.
If I remember correctly, she is from England.
Also, if I remember correctly, I think she is the groomer who took Third Place.


↓  This creative groom was done by Cat Opson.
I love watching this groomer groom.
Her grooms are so sharp and clean....and very creative.
She took Second Place.


↓  This Creative groom was done by Lori Craig.
Her creative grooms have always been pretty spectacular.
This was 'The Phantom of the Opera'.
Loved the way she represented the piano.


The rose on the opposite side of the dog was absolutely beautiful!!

Lori took First Place and Peoples Choice!!

Hope to blog again soon. :)


  1. Glad to see you back!ive missed you :-):-)looking forward to seeing your brilliant and helpfuls posts again soon xx

  2. Really glad to see you posting again!

  3. Wow! Loris groom looked fantastic! Thanks for posting lisa. I check back weekly to see if you post, and you made my day seeing this! Have a good one,

  4. Oh My Gosh! A Post! Yay!

  5. So glad you are back! You don't even know me, but I enjoy your blog and have been worried about you!

  6. Lisa, so good to have you back! Many people were worried about you. Hope everything is good and you were just busy grooming!

  7. Hi glade to see you back. Missed your post. I'm not a groomer but I get great ideas on what to ask a groomer for what I want for my pet.