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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's in a Name?

Have you ever called a customers dog by the wrong name by accident and then spent the next five minutes apologizing and trying to explain, to the highly offended pet owner, why you called their furbaby the wrong name, knowing full well that they will never forget or forgive you no matter what you say?

I haven't done it often, but I have done it.
Boy, do they remind me every time they come in. 
"Do you remember his name this time?"
"Don't call him by the wrong name again?"
"Oh, you got his name right this time!"

I do have a bad habit of shortening dogs names, or calling them a cute nickname.
Sometimes this tends to offend the owners also.

Sooo, how do I act when they call me by another name?

I have been called Linda.
I have been called Nancy.
I also have one customer, that no matter how many times I have corrected him, he calls me Debbie every time he comes in, and I have been grooming his dogs for years.
Actually, I stopped correcting him a couple of years ago and just let him call me Debbie.
The funny thing about that is, that I have found myself explaining why he calls me Debbie to other customers that over hear him. lol

Then the other day I had this conversation with another customer whose dog we have been grooming for years also.

Ms. Who Cares: "Hi Debbie! Here is 'CeCe'. Just do the usual;" she tells me as she sits her dog on the counter. Suddenly she stops and looks at me...."It is Debbie, right?"
Me: "No, it's Lisa....."
Ms. Who cares: "Oh, I thought it was Debbie;" she interrupted. "Why did I think it was Debbie?"
Me: "That's okay;" I said laughing. "You are not the only one who calls me Debbie."
Ms. Who Cares: "Oh good, okay I like Debbie better anyway, I'll just keep calling you Debbie."
Me: ...... :-p

Oh well, whats in a name????

We had one other funny/strange moment last week.

I groom right next to our front window, but I happened to be bathing a dog when my daughter (who grooms across the room) noticed, out of the corner of her eye, movement at the front window.
She looked over to see two elderly women picking up the bench in front of our shop.
(The bench is ours, and the only one in the shopping center.)
They picked it up between them and proceeded to walk it about 50 feet over to in front of the Beauty Salon on the corner.
My husband popped his head out the door.
Before he could say anything, one of the ladies looked over at him and said; "We wanted to sit in the sun. We will bring it back when we are done with it."
They did.

People never cease to amaze me. lol

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  1. Funny! I call dogs the wrong name too, and some I would just prefer to change for my benefit! And when someone calls to book their dog 'Bailey' I'm suppose to remember, there are several!