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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tip Follow Up

This is a follow up to my last tip post about the small light and the telescoping magnet.

I have been using them both and love them.
I have used the telescoping magnet to pick up my comb numerous times.
Yes, I tend to drop my comb a lot.
What I love the most is, that I don't have to step away from the dog I am grooming for even a second, or even take my hand away for the few seconds that it would take to bend over and pick up the comb, I can keep hands on the dog at all times and reach with this magnet to pick up my comb.
I even used it once to pick up my scissors when I dropped them.

Okay, so much for that, I like that tool. :)

As for the light.
I wasn't so sure about the light.
I knew what I wanted it to do and help with but I was not sure it would work. 

So, did it do what I wanted?


The light worked great lighting up the underbelly to see what I was clipping.

It is small enough that it did not get in my way.

It also gave off a good amount of light.

I could also stand the light up and aim at areas under the dog or between the legs that are normally  in the shadows when I scissor.

I also placed the light behind the dog to have the light shine in between the back legs to see better while scissoring.

I found that this light did not heat up while it was on.

So, no worries about a dog possibly sitting down on, or stepping on a hot light.

Just thought that I would share. :-)

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