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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Repair Job

We have all had them.
The dogs that have been groomed at home.
You know the ones...
 This is 'Snowflake'.
He is having some problems with skin allergies.
His Mom has been home grooming him.
I last groomed 'Snowflake' 5 months ago.
His Mom does try.
'Snowflake' is chopped up all over from Mom cutting out matts.
His Mom does this because she is afraid that he will be shaved down if I find matts.
Mom also likes to chop up 'Snowflake's' head and face.

The Owners instructions are:
 Owner: Make him look like a Bichon.
Me: How long would you like him to be?
Owner: You know...like a Bichon.
Me: Well, his hair is alot of different lengths right now. Would you like me to match up with the shortest length? (I show her some of the short places she cut)
Owner: No, no, that is too short. Make him look like a Bichon, you know.
Me: How about this length here. (I showed her one of the longer chops)
Owner: Yes. Ok. That's good.
Me: Ok, I will blend in the short spots as best as I can.  You want the full round Bichon Head? The sides of his face and ears are a little matted.
Owner: They are? (She reaches to touch the face)
Well, he has an ear infection. The medican is messing up his ears and face.
Me: Yes, his ears are very greasy. I can cut them short and blend them into the head like a Bichon.
Owner: No, no, just take a little bit off the ears. Not too much. I like the top of the head high and big.
Me: I will do the best I can with the head, because he is pretty short already, right over the  top of his eyes.
Owner: Oh, well I had to cut that so he could see.

This is 'Snowflake' after the bath, blow dry, and dematt.
He also has a few chopped out holes in the top of his head that I did not see when talking to the owner. 

Here is what 'Snowflake's' body looked like after the bath and blow dry.

Here is my interpretation of the owners instructions:
Body & Legs: 3/4 blade followed by hand scissoring 
Head: Hand scissor, full and round
Ears: trim to neaten up
 'Snowflake' has chewed all of the hair off of his front right foot.

The ears are still very greasy from medication.
Mom was happy.
I will see 'Snowflake' again in about 5 months.

For another repair job.

Happy grooming, MFF

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