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Monday, February 6, 2012

Meant To Be

Have you ever had a dog come into your life that was not expected?
That turned out; 'meant to be'.

I have had one special dog come into my life that I have felt was 'meant to be'
Although I was the kid that brought every dog I found on the street home, my 'meant to be' dog did not come along until I was in grooming school.
Actually, I had already graduated, but the owner asked me to stay and work for her.
If I had left after graduation, I would never had gotten my 'meant to be' dog.

A women had called to say that she had a new puppy and it was covered in fleas.
She brought the 6 weeks old puppy in for a flea bath.
The puppy could fit in the palm of your hand, she was so tiny.
She was covered in fleas.
I bathed her in a puppy shampoo and let her soak for 10 minutes to kill the fleas.
She was too young for flea shampoo.

When the owner came to pick her up they said that they could not keep her.
They had bought her as a Poodle, but that morning her and her son woke up with their eyes swollen shut.
That puppy has not a Poodle!

I took her.

She went to work with me everyday.

I was taking two buses to work back then.

She was so good in her little kennel while riding on the bus.

When I interviewed for other grooming jobs, before I got my shop, I would only take the job if I was allowed to bring her to work.

She was the perfect dog.

I can't express how much I loved this dog.

She was there when I started my grooming career.
She was there when I opened my shop.
She was there when I got married.
She was there when I brought each one of my babies home.
She would sleep on my lap as I nursed each of my children.

God blessed me with her for almost 20 years.
This picture was taken a few months before she passed away.

Everyone should be so lucky to have a 'heart dog' at least once in their life.

This is 'Daisey'.

I took this picture of her a few years ago.

She was a very sweet, calm Bichon, whose Mom loved her very much.

Daisey's Mom lost her right after Christmas.

She woke up one morning to fine that 'Daisey' was having a hard time breathing.

She had to be put down that day.

Daisey's Mom called us the other day to say that another Bichon had come into her life.

A 'meant to be' Bichon.

This is 'Cricket'.

A neighbor of Daisey's Mom found her on a busy highway a few weeks ago.

She knew that Daisey had passed away, so she asked Daisey's Mom if she would like to take the dog.
Daisey's Mom was so sure that someone had lost this sweet little Bichon that she contacted the shelters and paper and also put out a notice on Graig's List.

No one claimed the dog.

Daisey's Mom has fallen in love.

Before the bath-->

She has been named 'Cricket'.

She will have a wonderful home with Daisey's Mom.

She is the sweetest Bichon.

She has had multiple litters and needs to be spay, and have her teeth cleaned, and her nails have been left to grow.
We will have to try to slowly work them back.

I am very happy for my customer.

She feels that Daisey sent Cricket to her.

Cricket is 'meant to be' her dog.

I love happy endings!  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I love this post!! Wow.. so amazing your heart dog for such a long time (though it's never long enough), we should all be so lucky!

    I have a "meant to be" cat. One week to the day after losing my heart cat at 19 1/2 years old, there was a cat wandering around outside the clinic that I work at. He came running up to the girl who went out to see if she could catch him. He is the sweetest cat. I swear he was sent to me, to help me with the loss of my other cat.

  2. The dog inthe top picture looks just like my Havanese! Beautiful.

  3. Hi D!
    I had a heart cat too. I had him the same time that I had my Raven. He lived to be 17 years old and I named my youngest son after him...Benjamin :)

  4. I have a meant to be dog. The cutest white scruffy terrier mix. Hes perfect. We found him shot in the leg with a belt around his neck. I amma groomer at a vet clinic so I took him to work with me, got him checked out, bathed and brushed him. He behaved perfectly. He is seriously the sweetest dog ive ever met. Hes attached to my hip. I totally relate to this blog entry!