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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thanks Heavens....

this week is over!

Of course we had to finish it with a big bang, or should I say a big BITE!

Meet Mr. Cujo.

I've written about him before.

He is owned by one of my customers that have been with me since I started grooming.

He is the dog they rescued after their two Shih-tzus passed away.

The rescue did not tell them that this dog is a biter.

The owners and I have been working with him now for a year.

He is a land shark.
There is no rhyme or reason for what sets him off.
He has bitten his new owners on numerous occasions.

He has gone after me several times, but I have always been able to move away quick enough, except for one small nip several months ago.

He has been doing so good for his groomings the last few times.
He comes in every 4 weeks.

I remember, while I was bathing him, that I was getting an overwhelming feeling that he was going to bite.
He shows no signs beforehand, he just goes in for the kill.

He can be touchy about his back legs and rear, so I was moving very slowly and carefully.
Got him all soaped up.
He was doing great.
I even picked dried poop off his rear without him getting upset.

So, I started to rinse him.
Rinsed his face, ears, around his neck, and down his back.
He was doing great.
Then I made my mistake.

My daughter was next to me drying her first dog.
I started talking to her while rinsing Mr. Cujo.

You know,we groomers can rinse a dog in our sleep.
I was not paying attention to a known biter.
I slide my hands under his belly to rub the soap off while rinsing.

You guessed it.

I forgot that he does not like his belly rubbed.

Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp.

Yes, he took hold of my thumb and would not let go.
He must of chomped down at least 5 or 6 times, each time harder than the last.

I actually had to grab him by the scruff of his neck and lift him in the air before he would let go of me.

I sat him back down in the tub, took his face in both of my hands, and got my face right in his face.

Yes I did!
My husband hates when I do that, but I don't believe in hitting a dog that is not mine.
Even if he hurt me.
My husband is sure that they are going to bite me in the face.
I am ready for it.
I know how close I can get and still be safe.
I will get in their face and give them a piece of my mind.
"What the he** was that for?"
"I didn't deserve that?"
"That was just plain mean and nasty."
"I am not happy with you right now."

I say all of this in a very offend and form tone of voice.
I am not hurting them, but at the same time I want them to know that what they just did to me was not acceptable.

He did a number on my thumb.

This picture is right after the bite, so my thumb is only just starting to swell.

If there was a time to be thankful for acrylic nails, it was today.

Grooming has destroyed my thin, brittle nails.

All of the marks that you see on the nail in this picture are from his teeth.

 Unfortunately, the bottom of my thumb didn't have any protection.

They are small puncture holes but they are deep.

My thumb swelled quickly.

It would barely fit in my scissors, and one of the bites hit right on the scissor.

I manged to scissor him and all of my other dogs today, but my thumb is killing me.

I made it worse by scissoring, but what else are you going to do?

I am self employed, and have bills to pay.

As they say; 'the show must go on'.  

My daughter said that I let him bite me to upstage her. :)
Her bite was worse.

At least I have tomorrow and Monday to let my thumb heal.

This week is over.

Next week will be better!

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Just a few things..
    1. Oh my goodness! we have a biter that looks EXACTLY like that one! his name is Peanuts. (I think I would bite too if my parents named me Peanuts.) Hope you are okay!
    2. As for anals and ears, I used to bathe for a VET HOSPITAL GROOMER, and we ALWAYS ALWAYS plucked ears and did anals, so these vets need to make up their mind!!

    ..Sorry you've been having such a hard time with Customers :(

    Have a good weekend, and a fast recovery!

  2. Hi Westies,
    Thanks, the thumb is feeling much better. I think that all groomers have at least one dog like this. :)
    I agree, some Vets need to get off of their high horse.
    I think once the sun comes back out, and it gets warmer, the customers will get better. They all have 'the winter grumpies'. :/
    Lisa, MFF