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Monday, April 16, 2012

Trip to Rock State Park - by Hanna

Hi my name is Hanna.

My special person is Lisa, I like to call her Mom.
She usually writes this blog, but she said that I could write todays post, because today we went for a hike to the Falls in Rock State Park.
And she owes me.

A hike.
I love going on hikes.
Mom picked me and Hunter to go.
We had to park and walk about a mile to get to the Falls.

That was fun.
The trail runs all through the woods.
It was sunny and 86 today here.

When we got down to the Falls, my Mom wanted to go to the other side to get some pictures, so we had to cross the water.
Jessica and her boyfriend carried Bentley and Cooper across the water.
Bentley and Cooper are Jessica's fur babies.

Then Mom let go of Hunter so that he could run across the water to Jess.

That crazy guy.
He was so ready to take off after them.
Mom let go of his leash and told him to go....and he went.
Then, half way across, he suddenly realized that he was running through water...the goof ball.
He stopped dead in the middle of the stream and looked like he was going to freak out.

Don't tell Mom, but I was laughing my Poodle tail off.

He finally got to the other side, and then Mom and I started across.

 Only I stopped and Mom kept going.

She thought that it would be nice to get pictures of me figuring out how to get across.

I didn't want to look like a goof ball, like Hunter.

So, I stopped on the same rock that Mom stepped on, then I just stood there waiting for someone to come carry me like they did Bentley and Cooper.

Dad walked towards me but did not pick me up.

So, I am not stupid, I followed him and stepped on the same rocks that he was stepping on.

It didn't always work.

I still ended up getting my feet and legs wet.

I was very careful and took my time, like the lady that I am.

But, at least I didn't get as wet as Hunter did, and I didn't look as silly as he did crossing the water.

Finally, we all got to the other side of the Falls.

Mom got her pictures of the Falls.

 Isn't it cool?

There was a nice breeze and we got to walk all around the rocks.

There were other silly people there, getting in the water.

They can have the water.

I wasn't planning on getting in that water again anytime soon....

...or so I thought.

 The next thing that I knew, I was watching Jess, Ben and Brett climb to the top of the Falls.

Bentley and Cooper got all upset that they were left behind.

So guess what happened next?


You guessed it, we climbed up next.

The only problem was that Mom had not taught Hunter his manners.

He was not letting me go up first.

He was trying to pass me.

So, I decided that I would teach him a lesson.

I didn't mean for him to fall all of the way back down.

Really, I didn't.

He was okay.

He turned in time and landed on his feet.

It also didn't stop him from barreling his way back up.

Next came Bentley and Cooper.

They wanted to get to Jessica so bad, but they were just too little to get up the steep rocks.

So this time Dad picked them up, and helped them get to the top.

Guess what happened once we got to the top?

We had to cross the water again!!!!

I couldn't believe it.

Mom was calling me over.

I stepped on the first rock....

....I started to step on the second rock....

Then I changed my mind and went back.

Let Hunter go first.

He took his time this time.

Then he stopped right in the middle of the stream again.

He didn't freak out this time because Mom kept on encouraging him to come to her.

He made it.

Now my turn...again.

Whose bright idea was it to cross this stream in the first place?


I don't like you right now Mom.

Lets try this rock thing again.

I really don't want to get my feet wet again.

Let me just check this water out again.


I don't like the water.

I hear you calling Mom, but I think that I will just stay here and wait for someone to carry me.

How about you put that darn camera down Mom and come get me.

What Mom?!!

Did I just hear you tell Ben to give me a little pull?!


I thought that I was never going to get to the other side.

So did everybody else.

I don't care how many bones you offer me.


Really Mom....

Look at me......

I look a mess.

Jessica was going to come across another way, but there was no way she could jump across with both Bentley and Cooper.

So, they had to come the same way that I did.

 Only this time Jessica didn't carry them.

Because she didn't want to fall in the water.

See Mom!

Jess didn't want to get wet either.

Look at Bentley and Coppers faces.

They can't believe Jess left them.

Well, it was about time they got wet just like me and Hunter. :)

Okay Mom, time to head back to the car before you get any other bright ideas.

 Did I say that I like hiking?

How about finding a nice, flat, grassy field to hike on next time Mom.

Bye for now, Hanna :)