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Friday, July 12, 2013

Flower Bows...

 ...for girl dog collars.

I like ribbon bows, but I like flowers more.
So, when I saw that the local fabric store had all of their summer flowers on sale for 70% off, I stocked up.

Okay...so I went a little overboard.

Pretty, aren't they?

They make really pretty flower bows for the dogs collars.
The really small flowers can be used for dogs ears, or topknots.

Here is what you need to make flower bows.

Fake Flowers
Glue gun
Buttons (small and medium)
Plastic needle
Hair bands
Bling jems
Plastic beads

 Step 1: Start by taking some of the flowers off of the stems.

They should easily pull right off of the stem.

 This large flower will make a nice flower collar bow for a medium or large dog.

I want to add some bling to this flower.

I need to remove the center piece from this flower.

 Step 2: Turn to flower over and grab hold of the green  plastic center piece on the back of the flower.

Gently pull that piece off of the back of the flower.

Step 3: Remove the center piece out of the front of the flower.

I am going to add this smaller flower to the larger flower above for some more color.

I take the center piece out of this flower also.

Next I am going to use buttons to add bling and hold my rubber band.

Step 4: Use the plastic needle to feed the hair band through one of the button holes.

Pull the hair band part of the way through.

Then feed the other end of the hair band through a second hole.

Put one loop of the hair band through the other and pull to tighten.

This is what the top of the button will look like.

Step5: Put a few drops of hot glue on the top of the button.

Step 6: Add bling to the top of the button.

This is what your button will look like now.

Step 7: Use tweezers to put through the back of the flower to grab hold of the hair band.

Grab hold of the hair band and pull the hair band through the center hole in the flower.

Pull as far as you can.

Step 8: Feed the hair band through the back piece of plastic that you took off earlier, and add a little hot glue to help hold the flower and hair band together.

Here is what your bling flowers will look like.

Here is a small bling flower bow for the ears.

There is also another even easier way to make flower bows.

First, follow the first three steps from above to prepare your flower.

Next, cut 2 to 4 bead sections off of a robe of metallic beads.

You can use just one 2 bead section, one 4 bead section, or two 4 bead sections.

For the flower that I will be making, I am using the two 4 bead sections.

I cross over the bead sections to make an X.

Then I twist a hair band around the center of the beads.

I pull the hair band through the center of the flower.

Another flower bow ready for a collar.

I slide the hair bands over a  small PVC pipe to store the flowers till ready to use.

Have fun!

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I like the bling ones the best....thank you for sharing, my girls will be ecstatic.

  2. oh my goodness!!! I'm going to move what ever state your in so you can be my groomer. Your clients are SO VERY Lucky!!!