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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What A Day!

Today started out as a very crappy day and ended with an unbelievably kind offer from a long time customer.

Let me rant a little.....oh, I mean, let me tell you about my day.

First of all, the Bank has lost my deposit from last weeks grooms.

Yes! I said LOST!

My father is my accountant.
Well, he was.
His memory is not so good nowadays, so I have taken over doing most of my own accounting.
He still wants to help me so I let him figure up and put in my deposit every Monday.
Every Monday evening I check my account on-line to make sure that the deposit was made.
So, Monday night I logged on only to see a huge deposit credited to my account.
It was for 10,000 more than it was supposed to be! (I wish!)
It turned out to be a teller error.

I have had minor errors in my deposits before and the Bank has always sent me a correction, no problem.
Of course, this was the biggest error I have ever had on my account, but since it was a teller error I figured that they would easily correct it. (I have the copy of the deposit ticket that shows it was teller error)

Anyway, I checked my account again on Tuesday evening to see if corrections were made.
Imagine my surprise to see the entire deposit gone!
Cash and all!

I had a special needs dog first thing this morning, so I went to the Bank right after I finished that dog.
I already had a couple of more dogs waiting for me, one a possible aggressive dog.
I ended up having to wait for an hour to talk to someone.
It got me nowhere.
They had no record of a deposit being made.
I did not have the deposit ticket copy on me , because I had not had a chance to get to my fathers house.
I figured that they would be able to look up the deposits and tell me that it was in the middle of being corrected.
I did not expect them to tell me that they could not find it!!
I have to go back tomorrow with proof that a deposit was made.

It is time to find a new Bank!
This was not the original Bank that I signed up with 26 years ago.
It has been sold out several times over the years.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper when I left the bank.
I had lost over an hour at work for this.

I got in my car, turned the key, and NOTHING!
Well, that is not exactly true, there was a click, click, click sound.
My battery was dead, dead, dead.

I was going to have to walk back to work.
About a mile.
Not that big a deal except for the fact that it was already about 92 degrees out, the humidity was bad, the walk was partly up hill, and I have a really bad ankle right now.
So, a ten minute walk took me 20 minutes. :(
I was so happy to crest that hill and see the shopping center.

 $103 later and the car has a new battery.
I have the deposit ticket to show proof to the Bank tomorrow.
Oh, and the aggressive dog turned out to be a sweetheart.

Now for the best part of the day.

Obviously I was running behind after I got back to work.
My daughter ended up helping me with two of my dogs after she finished all of hers.
The two dogs belonged to a great long time customer.
We told her when she dropped the dogs off that they may be longer than usual and explained why.
She was very understanding and said no problem.

This same customer almost brought me to tears when she picked up her dogs.

She wanted to know if we got our car fixed, because if we hadn't she was going to let us use her van.
I was so touched.
That was better than any tip a customer could give me.
It also helped to de-stress a stressful day. :)

Tomorrow will be better.
Tomorrow WILL be better!!

Happy Grooming, MFF

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