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Monday, January 13, 2014

He Likes Me....He Likes Me Not

Sometimes you have a dog come in to be groomed that you are just not sure about.

They fuss about everything.

They growl about most things.

They even like to give you a look at their pearly whites sometimes.

BUT, they never carry all of their threats out.....they never bite you.

I have a furry friend like that.

 His bath is HIS biggest pet peeve.

That is where he does most of his talking and complaining.

Oh....and the drying too.

Oh... and a little growling when I ask him to stand on my grooming table.

BUT......he really does like me!

He does.

How do I know?

Because he pulls his owner in the door when he sees me in the lobby and comes right over to me.
He walks towards me so that I can pick him up to get him out of the kennel.
He tucks his head into my chest when I am carrying him. (okay, that could be just a male thing....)
He closes his eyes and enjoys me rubbing his cheeks before I start to bathe him.
He lowers his growls when I  softly say "shhhh" next to his ear while drying him.
He practically jumps into my arms when I go to pick him up off of the table.
AND, every once in a while, he will even wag his tail. :)

Most of all, he does not bite me.

So, give some of those 'talkers', and 'smilers' a chance.
It may just be all for show.
If you can get them to trust you, they can be really good dogs to groom.
They may even really enjoy the groom, even though they don't want you to know that.

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