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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Product Review....The Chubbs Bar

I like following the NCGIA's facebook page and their website.
That is the National Cat Groomers Institute of America.

Anyway, there has been a lot of  talk about 'The Chubbs Bar'.
So, I finally order some to try them out.

 They came yesterday, right before we closed for the day.

Too late to try.

So, I had to wait to try them today.

I ordered the coconut scented ones.

The scent is very  pleasant and mild.

The Chubbs Bars were developed for bathing cats, but can also be used on dogs and other animals.

The Chubbs Bar is a degreaser.

I didn't have any cats to try the bar on, so this is the first dog that I used it on.

 I watered the dog down first and then started rubbing the bar all over the dog.

The lather came up almost immediately.

I will admit that I did drop the bar about three times before I got the hang of holding it and rubbing the dog at the same time. :)

 I have to say that I really liked how fast the bar lathered up and how easy it was to move around the dog.

Just add a little water and spread the lather around.

I liked how there was no waste of shampoo dripping off of the dog as I was applying it.

I think that it would be great if other shampoo companies made their shampoos in bar form too.

Look at all of the nice suds.

I only needed to give this dog one bath and he was squeaky clean.

I am so sorry that I do not have a picture of what this dog looked like after I dried him.

I can't believe that I totally forgot to take a picture.

 However, I did remember to take a before and after the bath picture of this dog.

We only used the Chubbs bar on this dog and no other shampoo.

 This is after the bath, with the Chubbs Bar, and blow dry.

I was pleasantly surprised that the bar got this dogs creme coat so bright without us using any whitening shampoo.

Some groomers may like that the smell of the shampoo bar was so light and mild that it left no smell on the dog.

The dog was very clean, there was just no Oder in the hair at all.

I have to admit that I like to smell a dog after the bath, and smell the pleasant sent of the shampoo that I used.
That's just me.

 We used the Chubbs Bar through out the day, and rinsed it off after each dog.

This is what is left of the bar after one days use.  

We did use the bar with other shampoos on some of the dogs.

Yes, we did use almost half of the bar!

I do like the Chubbs Bar shampoo and will buy more.
I can't wait to try some of the other scents.
I can not wait to try it on cats.

You can go to the Chubbs Bar website and watch a demonstration video.
Also, they are offering a FREE trial size bar right now.
Try it for yourself. :)

I do not work for the Chubb's company, nor am I a spokesmen for  them.
I am an everyday groomer giving my opinion on a product that I have tried.


  1. Now you have me interested! I went to the page and the sample is free, but $12.95 shipping!! Not today!!! By the way my name is Kelly and I live in Clay, NY. I have been following your blog for years now. I have been a groomer for 4 years, learning from apprenticeship and then pretty much self taught. I really enjoy my job though and love reading your stories!!!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      So sorry about the free sample. I had no idea they charged that much to ship one little piece of soap. :/
      Thanks for reading my blog. Good luck with your grooming career. There is nothing wrong with being self taught as long as you continue your education. There are always new things to learn. :)
      Lisa, MFF

    2. You can change the Shipping Method on the Free Sample from Regular USPS to Flat Rate and flat Rate is only $2.99

  2. Expensive shipping to my location :( Will have to wait to try this out.

  3. I have the Chubbs bar and my reaction is the same. Great stuff. I was wondering if this is goats milk soap? I have seen it with the coconut oil additive and I guess it can have other essential oils added.
    I do adore you, your communication skills and your grooming skills. Did I miss anything? I think you are the best!

    1. Wow Hope, Thank you!
      I am not sure about the Goats milk. I didn't see anything on their website about it.
      Lisa, MFF

  4. I use it on my dirty greasy dogs and cats works great , my shipping to NY was only 6.95. i ordered 4 bars sample shipping was 2.95

  5. Pretty sure it's all natural, too. :) Mostly organic. But U don't think there's goat's milk in it. I use it on my own thick, curly red hair. It works GREAT! About to order four more bars. My poor dogs will probably never experience Chubbs because I'm selfish and keep it for myself. ;) My favorite scent, so far, is the creamy nutmeg.

  6. I recommend Grime Time, It is a white past that comes in a jar. You can get it from your grooming supplier usually. A little bit goes a long way and it really boosts the effects of the shampoo you are using. I take about a tablespoon and wipe it down the dogs back before I add the shampoo and run it through the hydrosurge. It works wonders! give it a try.

  7. Hi Lisa, I know this is an old post, but I was just wondering if you are still using the Chubbs Bar on doggie clients? Have you used them on any double coated, long hair breeds, and if so, how did it turn out? I have a sheltie at home, and I am looking into trying out the Oatmeal & Honey bar on him, but wanted to see if you had any suggestions about it first. I've been using Burts Bees puppy shampoo on him, even though he is no longer a puppy :P because I like that it's gentle on his coat. Would the Chubbs Bar be too harsh? I've never used a degreaser before, and I was wondering if you could tell me your opinion on whether or not it might dry out a soft coat. Thanks so much for your blog! I LOVE IT! - Anna

    1. Hi Anna,
      Personally, I would not use the Chubbs bar on my Sheltie unless I was having a greasy hair issue. Even then I would follow up by giving a second shampooing using a medicated or moisturizing shampoo. I like the Chubbs bars, but I think that they dry the hair. That is why I always use a medicated shampoo after I use the Chubbs bar.
      I used Best Shot Shampoo and Cream Rinse on my Collie for his whole life. It was the only shampoo that didn't make him scratch after the bath. Love Best Shot. It is my go to shampoo for all double coated dogs.
      Thanks for reading my blog. :)
      Lisa, MFF

    2. Thanks Lisa! for your quick and very helpful reply :D

    3. Hi again, I just wanted to tell you that I took your advice and tried out the Best Shot shampoo and creme rinse on my sheltie. It was great! At first I didn't notice too much of a difference compared to the results I used to get with the previous brand, but then after a week was when I really started seeing a difference. His coat continued to stay as easy comb through as it was right after I bathed him. Especially around his backside (as you probably know, those sheltie pants are HARD to tame!) So, thanks so much again for pointing me to this product.

      Just two side question, any tips on how to really soak through the long outer coat? Sometimes it seems like no matter how much water I use, the fur on his tail just doesn't become wet enough. Also, when I go to blow dry it, it always remains slightly crimped. Is there any way I can make his tail as nice and flowy as the rest of him, or should I just resign myself to the look? Hehe :D - Anna

  8. I never heard of the chubbs bar. I'm going to order one and try it on some of the greasy dogs at my work. Thanks for the tip. That dog came out looking awesome

  9. I like the idea of a shampoo bar for dogs but I don't like that I don't know what's in it. The maker of Chubbs Bars states right on the website she won't give any ingredients as she thinks people will somehow steal her recipe (how anyone can do that without knowing ratios I don't understand), and she also says we should just trust her when she says it's safe. Considering some things I've heard other groomers say they use on dogs and cats, there's no way I'm grooming any clients dog unless I know what I'm putting on them and can verify it's safe beforehand. There are other dog shampoo bars for sale where they do tell you the ingredients so I'll spend my money to try them.

  10. I got a free sample from Chubb's bar this week. I haven't tried it on a cat yet but tried it on a few dogs. I found it made them feel very dry and also felt like a bar of soap when using it...and by that I mean...leaves a coating and feels strange on your hands? Am I using it wrong? I only washed once per dog. Should I of done it twice. I don't know if I'm sold yet. Also. would you use this as an everyday shampoo on every dog? Thanks. -Kay