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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mixed Feelings

One of the grooming contests at Intergroom was Creative Felines.

I have to say the creative groomings on these cats were amazing, but I have mixed feelings about creative grooming on cats.

Maybe it is all of the negative responses that I have heard over the last few years from the general public about any type of creative grooming.
The general public is so quick to judge things that they know nothing about.
Many people call any type of creative grooming (even a little color on the ears or tail) cruelty.

Now when I look at a creative groom, I can't help but think; "Hmmmm, I wonder what the public will think about this groom?"  or "Boy, the public is going to bash this creative groom."
That kind of thinking tends to take the fun out of the creative grooming for me.

A couple of years back our family went to Historical Harpers Ferry for a day trip.
We like to take some of the dogs with us.
They love walking around the town just as much as we do.
This particular time my daughter took two of her Bichons.
One of them had had its tail and ears colored.
The color was very faded after several bathes, and to be honest, I thought that it was hardly noticeable.

One woman did notice.
She very rudely commented on how cruel we were to the dog.
Not to our faces....she loudly expressed her feelings to her companion.
She wanted her companion to; 'look at that poor, sad dog.'

That 'poor, sad dog' was happily dancing around, wagging his tail, greeting anyone who would give him a second look.
I just don't understand what people 'think' they see.

Anyway, this past weekend at Intergroom, there were several news groups at Intergroom recording the creative competitions.
My heart sank when I saw all of the cameras, and an announcement was made that Dateline and Inside Edition were taping for future shows.

My heart sank, because I have not seen a positive new report on creative grooming yet.
Even the TV show that Angela Kumpy did on creative was edited to make creative grooming look like a joke.

Will Dateline do report a favorable story?
I say the chance is 50/50.
I am leaning towards...no.

Will Inside Edition?
I seriously doubt it.

There is already an article on the internet from  the 2014 creative cat grooming at Intergroom.
It is full of misinformation about the cats and about Intergroom.
The  public comments on the article are 99% negative.
Some comments are down right scarey.
(I do have to say that his article has better pictures of the cats than I do)

I personally am not crazy about creative grooming on cats.
Don't get me wrong, the creativity of these groomers is amazing.
I also know for fact that the owners of these cats love them very much and would not do anything to hurt them.
I also know for fact, because I saw these cats in person, that they were all happy cats.
They were not scared or upset.
The Siamese cat was an absolute sweetheart.

I also know that these creative grooms could not be done if the cat objected.
I have  couple of cats that would most likely have no problem letting me do something like this, they are so laid back.
I also have couple that would rip me a new one if I came within two feet of them with a clipper.

Even though I personally am not crazy about creative grooming on a cat, I don't have any bad feelings for the groomers who do creative grooming on cats, because I know that they are not hurting the cats.

I truly wish that the general public would research things that they disagree with, and not be so quick to judge and bash something that they know nothing about.

Okay, off my soap box.....

Here are some of the pictures that I was able to get from the Creative Feline Contest at 2014 Intergroom:

The Lion.

I am sorry that I did not get the names of all the groomers who groomed these cats.

This kitty was moving around so much that I was unable to get a good picture.

The creative cut on this cat was Scooby Doo.

Angela Kumpe did this groom.

I thought that the three birds on the back of this cat was clever.

This kitty could have cared less about all of the people and everything going on.

He was so ready to just curl up and take a nap right there on the table.

He could not have been more laid back.

The artwork on this cat is amazing.

This was the first place winner.

What a very sweet cat.

I am pretty sure that this was another entry from Angela Kumpe.

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  1. I read the first three comments on the article you linked and couldn't go on. The article itself was awful (I mean, portraying human emotions on cats. This one looks grumpy because it's dyed. Come on people, it looks grumpy because it's a cat! Have you SEEN grumpy cat?) But, how is this cruelty! I know, I know, preaching to the choir. I think using dangerous chemicals on dogs or cats can be cruel, but, non toxic dyes? Kid's blow pens? These are well loved animals and it's no different than if the cat was completely shaved! I can see why you hate to have creative grooming publicisized. I think it's so fun (and I'm just a pet lover, not a groomer). I just don't understand where people think cruelty is the right term for this. I've watched animal cops. I know what cruelty is. Unless dying the pet causes burns on their skin or is toxic to be ingested (cats do groom themselves a lot....) then who cares?