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Friday, October 2, 2015

Creative Grooming Comp. Cont'd

** NOTE: To anyone who lands on this blog entry that does not agree with creative grooming, I suggest that you move on and not even bother looking at this post. This creative competition is a one day competition that lasts for a few hours. The dogs are given a break during the grooming so that they do not have to stand on a grooming table for the entire time. The rules are strict and the colors used are pet safe. These dogs are very much loved by their owners (the groomers). They live like any other well loved dog. They run, they play, and they sleep most of the day away. AND they do not care if their hair is a different color. They DO love the attention they get from being colored.

 Here are a few more of the Creative Grooms from Hershey 2015.

Groomer: Cindy Oliver

Theme: Mexican Cruise


1st Side


2nd Side


Groomer: Victoria Gabay

Theme: Queen Abby

There was a beautiful story behind this creative groom.
This groomer found this sweet dog in the dumpster behind her work place.
This sweet little dog was overgrown and matted and had been thrown away.
This groomer saved her and groomed her for this competition to look like a Queen that she deserves to be. :-)



Groomer: Adriane Pope

Theme: Sleeping Beauty


1st Side


2nd Side


Groomer: Lori Craig

Theme: Butterfly Garden

This was my favorite.



Butterfly on the top of the head, love it!

What a beautiful Creative Groom.

I was very sad that she did not place.

Tomorrow will be the three winners.

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  1. Wow!!! This is insane!!! And I don't mean that in a critical way, I am actually amazed that this can even be done. The artistry and creativity is unbelievable.