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Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to Work

Home from vacation!

Our only week long vacation of the year, and it was great, although not the least bit physically relaxing, it was mentally relaxing.

We were on the move all of the time.

Wildwood N.J

We have been going to Wildwood for over 35 years.

A nice family oriented beach town.

 Nice weather, even though a couple of days you felt like you were melting, even with the sea breeze.

Ooooh, if only I had money to have a second home at the Beach. :)

We park the car when we get there and walk everywhere the whole week.

The best exercise I get all year.

See what I mean about mentally relaxing?

Our last day tradition.....to feed the Sandpipers and Sea-gales all of the bread we have collected all week from all of our meals.

Then we got home, and guess what was waiting on the top of a pile of week long mail?

The program for Groom Expo in Hershey!

I think that this is the earliest I have ever gotten it.
I stated looking through it right away.

There are two new contests this year.
Rescue Round-up and Abstract Creative Runway.

I just registered for both of them!

The Rescue Round-up.
I asked Sally about doing a contest like this about 7 years ago, but she said that there were too many insurance issues to worry about to do it.
Imagine my surprise when I saw this contest in the program.

Several Rescue organizations will be bring dogs to be groomed.
Barkleigh will be making a donation for each dog groomed.
Show attendees can also make donations to help towards adoption fees for the dogs that they like.
I think it is great!
I can't wait.

I went on line to register for the contests and noticed that the Rescue Round-up was limited to the first 15 groomers that signed up.
I called right away to see if any spots were left.
I was sure that I missed the opportunity.
I wasn't exactly sure when the programs had been mailed since I was gone all last week.

There were 2 spots left!
I registered right there and then.

I am so excited.
Can you tell that I am excited?

To groom rescue dogs and help them find new forever homes.
It makes me tear up as I am typing this.
I have offered to do some free grooms for a couple of the shelters around me, but so far they already have groomers that help them.

I also worry about myself, because I know me, and I know that I would want to give them all forever homes. :p

As for the Abstract Creative Runway.
I have seen pictures of this contest from other Grooming Shows, and have always loved the abstract designs.
The rules are not up yet, but I went ahead and entered anyway.
I already have an abstract design in mind. :)

Well, I better get back to answering all the comments that built up while I was gone.
If you left a comment or a question last week, I am getting to them as fast as I can. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation, and I'm glad you're back! I missed your blog all last week. At my last job, we would do shelter dogs when it was slow. It was very rewarding to shave those poor, matted, pee-stained creatures and give them a better chance at a forever home. I can certainly see how it would be easy to try to sneak one home, though. :-)