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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nail Filing

I get more and more requests for nail filing.

I know that some groomers out there file all of the dogs nails.

Our shop doesn't.

I am pretty good at clipping nails so that it does not have rough edges, but of course I can't get them file smooth with a clipper.

I do offer filing, but I only file a dogs nails if they let me.
I do not fight them for it.
I am also not crazy about filing nails on dogs with long hair on their feet.
I have had them yank their foot and that darn electric file grabs hold of that hair, even though I have held the hair back with my hand.
  The hair twists all around the file freaking the dog out.

I also can't stand when I have to keep yanking the file away because the dog is trying to file his/her tongue.
It goes without mentioning that a lot of the dogs are scared of the sound and feel of the electric file.

I was in a Beauty store a couple of weeks ago picking up my Hypo Creme Rinse when I walked past the nail section.
The display of nail files caught my eye.
As I was looking at them a thought struck me.

It happens every once in a while.
That light bulb in my head still goes off now and then. :p

I bought a couple of the big Professional nail files.

One for myself and one to try out at the shop.

Years ago when I first started grooming I bought a medal nail file for dogs.
I tried using it.
I have tried using it several times over the years.
I always end up putting it back in my junk drawer.

You know.
That drawer or box where you put all of the different grooming tools that you bought to try, or you just no longer use.
We all have one...I know we do.

If you don't, you're just too organized for me. :)

Anyway, I don't like the medal file because it always seemed to catch on the nail and didn't really leave that smooth of a finish on the nail.
So, I wondered how one of these big, fat, thick 'people' nail files would do.

They are so cheap it was no big deal to try it out.

I used my own LabX to try it out.

Her nails grow so fast, and she is not crazy about having them done.

She does not like the electric file.

I clipped her nails like I normally would.

I really was not expecting much with this 'people' file.

My goal was to at least smooth out the rough edges around the nail.

I used the rougher side of the file.

The file did not catch on the nail at all like the medal one.

It was also nice and quite as I filed.

 I moved the file all around the rough edges of the cut nail.

I did not have to file a lot.

A few swipes on each side was enough.

AND, my 'Anne' didn't mind, or try to pull her foot away.

This was the best picture I have of the filed nail.

The others turned out blurry.

The 'people' file did a really nice job, very quickly.

 I have been using my 'people' file on a number of dogs that do not like the electric file.

Most of them do really well with the hand file.

There were still a couple of dogs that didn't want any parts of either file, but I could at least get one quick swipe done before they pulled their foot away.

I also didn't have to worry about them sticking their tongues in an electric file.

I will still use the electric file, but it is nice to have another option that works just as nice.

Oh,  I am still replying to comments and questions from when I was on vacation.
I only have 23 more left. :p
I have been getting home late from work the past couple of days.
The week after vacation is always crazy!

Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. I use a dremel on my dogs nails. They are great about it, but the rescue needed some very gentle persuading. However, he continuously tried to stick his nose on the damn thing, or lick it. I finally just let him. I had it on low and I knew it wouldn't actually hurt him, but I've smacked my own skin against it and it is surprising. He never tries to touch it anymore. He actually still thinks about it, but when he gets close it's like he remembers and starts barking at it instead....