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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Clipper Problems Continued

Sometimes it takes a little while for the light bulb to go off in your head.


That doesn't happen to you?

Sadly, it does happen to me.

My clippers are proof.

Last night I posted about my clippers.

I used them for two or three days without the drive cap, that disappeared into thin air last week.
I had no problem with them.
I even talked about how they seemed to glide through the hair better without the drive cap.

I understand why the drive cap is there.
I have been keeping the blade drive clean.

Then things changed with my first groom today.

 I had an overgrown, matted Bichon that I was clipping with a #3F blade. 

Everything was going fine.

I had clipped the body and one back leg.

I was working on clipping the front leg when suddenly......

The overgrown hair got twisted all around the blade drive.

Of course this stopped and jammed up the clipper instantly.

Just look at that hunk of hair.

I got as much out with my fingers as I could.

I really did a number on these clippers.

That hair could not have been wrapped any tighter around that blade drive.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

This happening had never crossed my mind.

It should have.

I have had this happen with my Dermal File when it catches long hair while I am trying to file nails.

  I had to take a small pair of scissors and make a cut in the hair wrapped around the drive.

Then I used my ear pluckers to pull as much hair out as I could.

The ear plucker was a little too big to really get down in the drive and get all of the hair.

So I had to use a really pointy pair of tweezers to get the rest of the hair.

Not too bad.

Probably not as clean as they should be, but at least the blade drive was working again.

Now, here comes the light bulb part.

I took the drive cap off of my other clippers and put it on this clipper.

No more time wasted repairing clippers.

Why didn't I think of that last week?

I don't no. :/

What's that?

Why didn't I just use my other clippers?

BECAUSE (said in a whiny voice)......I like my grey clippers better.

Yes, they are both the same exact clipper....but I still like my grey ones better.

I can't explain it.
It is just like your favorite comb, or brush, or scissors.
Even though you may have two or three of the same tool, one of them just seems to feel better in your hand.

Come on now.
I know I am not the only groomer out there that feels this way.

Please tell me that I am right.
I haven't fallen that far off the deep end yet... have I?

Oh, before I finish this post tonight.

I wanted to thank all of the groomers and non-groomers out there that responded to my crying, feeling-bad-for-myself post last week.

All of the comments were so kind and really helped to make me feel better.
There is one comment that I have not posted.
The person who wrote it may have noticed that it has not shown up in the comments.
I want to say to that person that I really appreciate the comment.
I was a little amazed at how much this person defended me.
The reason that I didn't publish her comment was because part of it was directed at my ex-customer.
Even though I appreciated her taking my side, I did not want to rock the boat with this customer just in case she is still reading my blog.
So, please don't be offend that I didn't publish your comment.

Once again I am humbled by all of the wonderfully supportive comments that I received.
Thank you!!

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I am not offended by you not posting it! Sometimes just writing something makes you feel good, and writing that post made me feel good for myself as when I have clients like that.. know what I mean?... lol

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for commenting again. I was so worried about offending someone again. :/ I certainly didn't want to offend someone who was so strongly on my side. :) Thank you for your comment. Thank you for reading my blog. It makes me feel good to know that there are other groomers out there that enjoy reading my rantings. :)
      Lisa, MFF