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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just Too Cute.....

Boy, today was one big hairy day.

It's that time of year.

When your regular customers, that like to let their dogs grow out all winter, bring their dogs in for their summer cuts.

There was a heck of a mound of hair all over the floor at the end of the day.

None of the dogs were matted.
They had been groomed through the winter, some with bath and trims, some longer winter cuts.
Now they were all ready for a shorter summer cut.

I know the Goldendoodle that I groomed today felt really good after she got her summer cut.
She was happy, perky, and dancing on my table when I finished her.

It is a great feeling when you take a dog that comes in hanging their head and looking so down, then by the time you  are finished with them, their head is held high, their tail is wagging, and there is a happy look on their face.
They good home feeling so good.
Of course, I would feel pretty good too if I finally got a bath, and got 2 to 3 months of dirt washed off of me. :)

I also had a surprise today.

I had a new customer come in with two dogs.
Whoever made the made the appointment made it for two Lhasa's.
They turned out to be a very tiny  black Shih-tzuX and small Maltese.

And guess what?

The Maltese was a form of the breed that I had never ever seen before....

Just kidding.

After all don't we see Maltese this color all of the time?

This is the way this little lady came in to me.
I did not dye her.

I had fun grooming her.

Well....until she pooped on my table.
Usually not that big of a problem, but she would drop a piece of poop, and then two minutes later drop another one.
It took her about 10 minutes and six separate drops to get it all out.
Then I was able to get back to the groom. :)

 I am not sure what the owner used to dye her.

I didn't have time to ask when she dropped off.

I was going to ask her when she picked up, but someone else picked the dogs up for the owner.

My son swore that she used food coloring, because he thought that the dog smelled like the sugar cookies you get at the store that have the blob of colorful icing on the top. lol

  Whatever the owner used to dye her dog, it did not wash out.

She told my husband that she dyed the dog pink first,  then she later put yellow on top and the hair turned orange.

I think that it looks pretty cool.:)

 Her owner wanted a lamb type cut with a cute round face.

She also wanted to leave the top of her head to grow so she can tie it back.

What a cute little thing.

It just made me happy to look at her.

How can it not make you happy to look at that little face?

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Wow! That's a wild dye job! How fun! :) and she looks awesome too :)

  2. Its really strange how our shops experiences mimic each other...yesterday a new client came in with a poodle mix. She had dyed it yellow and green? Now we don't do color...although my own St Bernard's tail is bright pink..so it was very unusual to see a client do color. When we got him clean his whole top knot was NEON YELLOW.... one of the other groomers said that there are neon food colorings now...made me happy to look at him too..:)

    1. Hi big dog mom,
      I'll have to check out that neon food coloring. :)

  3. That would have made me happy too!

  4. I had a similar "that wasn't the dog I was expecting" incident on Saturday -- but as an owner, not the groomers side. I am *certain* that I clearly stated I had a labradoodle that needed a bath and trim. While she doesn't get groomed that often, this was the 4th time we had gone to this groomer this year. Somehow what got written in the book was "lhasa". You can imagine the groomer's surprise when we walked in the door -- not too many 70 lb. lhasas out there! She stammered out "But, but, but that's a BIG dog!" She did, in the end, do a great job after she got over her surprise.

    1. Hi,
      I have had those days. Nothing like expecting one breed to walk in the door only to have another much larger breed walk in. :/

      Imagine my surprise the day a very good, regular customer came in with her FOUR Shih-tzus that my husband forgot to put on the books.
      I am glad that everything worked out and the groomer did a great job. :)
      Lisa, MFF

  5. I gave my dogs a summer haircut just the other day and I even remembered to take pictures of them. It is really a good feeling to see happy newgroomed dogs instead of the hairy "monsters" they have been in the winter.

    1. Hi Sofia,
      I am still trying to find time to groom a few of MY furry monsters. lol

  6. Lots of safe stuff to use now :) there is hair chalk which is less messy than grinding up chalk, you rub it directly onto the hair and it lasts for a few days with vibrant colors now, you can also use a certain brand of tattoo ink for longer lasting colors (I forgot which brand though, but it was okayed by The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers) They have a website with videos and stuff you can learn lots of neat creative grooming techniques there!

    1. Hi Tong Chen,
      Yes, I just found the new chalks. Can't wait to try them. :) I am also a member of the NAPCG. I haven't had time to check out their videos yet though.
      Lisa, MFF

  7. soo cute!:)love the colors rainbow:)

  8. any ideas for creative grooming? h.r.puffinstuff

  9. I hope the client returns so you can find out what she uses! Squee so adorable. I love the tie dye effect.