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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Makeover #9....A Simple Smoothy

This little lady came in for a simple smoothy.

In other words a nice short cut all over.

I chose to use a #5F blade on this dogs body and legs.

It would give a nice short cut without taking the hair too close to the skin.

I  personally don't care to use a #7F on a white dog if I don't have to.

I was pretty sure that the #5F would be short enough.

 As always, I clip all of my dogs after the bath.

I have found that a Jack Russel's coat tends to hold the water in the thick, plushy coat, under the wiry topcoat.

It is important to make sure that you have the coat completely dry, down to the skin.

If the coat is still a little damp when you go to clip, the clip will not be smooth.

 I clipped her body, legs, and tail with the #5F blade.

I would go over a section of her body once....

....then I would back brush that section that I clipped.

 I would back brush to left up the hair to clip again.

This would help get the clip as smooth as possible.

The owner wanted the head and face very short also, but I did not want to use a blade on the face.

I opted to do a modified Schnauzer head.


I clipped the top of the head with the #5F blade in reverse.

I clipped the top and sides of the head.

I left the eyebrows and beard to scissor.

 I scissored the eyebrow very short and close to the eye, only leaving a hint of the brow.

I still wanted her personality to show when she moved her eyes, if that makes any sense.

I scissored beard short and up to her lip line.

Then I scissored the sides of the beard to round it off and give it a softer appearance.

I also scissored all the the stray, wiry hairs off of the ears.

Just that little hint of eyebrow still gives her personality while still taking the face very short like the owner wanted.

She is now a short haired Jack Russel.

Is it just me, or doesn't she look younger now?

And happy.

I think she likes her cut too? :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. yes she looks younger and totally cute! why you you didnt want to use a 7f on a white dog and prefer 5f? one of my dogs has the same hair and always debating what to do. i like that smoothy. and you said customer wanted that short but i was curious what would you have done if it was your choice or if there was any other choices. it sure would be nice to be able to try on different styles and then put the hair back on and try different ones but have to wait months for hair to grow back to try another ..also do you have more pictures or any video clips of that groom how to get that result? and do you have more video clips it is so helpful when you include a few of them in the blog. Thank you sooo much! Thanks for all you do for us!!!

    1. Hi Shelley,
      I don't like the #7 on white dogs, because I think that it exposes the skin too much. I feel the #5 is safer. You have to watch out for sunburn on a white dog in the summer time.
      I'll have to work on doing more videos. :)
      Lisa, MFF

  2. Awww she does look younger! I like the fact that you left some brow, looks great!

  3. Nice cut. love the wire jacks too