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Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Makeover #20 Well kind of....

A very long time customer of mine lost her Miniature Poodle last year.
He lived a very long life.

The Poodle that passed was black with a really good coat.
Even as he got well into his teens, the coat stayed thick and full, and was still nice to scissor.
The owner liked him groomed with the pom-poms on all four legs, a nice full topknot and poodle tail.
Also very long ears that I was never allowed to trim.

My customer got another male Miniature Poodle.
This one is a chocolate.
Unfortunately, his coat leaves something to be desired.
He has been groomed several times now, and I was really hoping that his adult coat would be better than his puppy coat.

Sadly, his coat is nothing like his predecessors.

His owner is not happy that his coat is not as nice as their other Poodle.

So, I have to see if I can get those pom-poms to look full.

I was hoping that a good blow dry and brush out would help.

It helped a little bit.

I had to try to make a pom-pom out of this.

The hair is so straight, fine and soft.

I needed some help.

 So ,I pulled this off of my shelf.

Chris Christensen's Thick-N-Thicker.

I do not use it very often, because the smell of it is over powering.

By the time I finished this dog, I had a heck of a headache.

It does build volume and body.
It also helps to lift the coat without making the coat sticky, or weighing it down.

So, this went from this.......

....to this!

Okay, so it is not a major difference.

At least I have something to work with, to try get get some kind of pom-pom.

This is it.

It looks something like a pom-pom.

I sprayed the hair with Thick-N-Thicker and then blew dried the pom-pom again, brushing upwards, until the spray was dry.

I did the same with each pom-pom, only I think that someone out there really didn't want this dog to have pom-poms.

Or maybe this dog didn't want the pom-poms.

If you look closely at this pom-pom, you can see where he jerked his leg upward as I was clipping the leg.
I jerked the clipper away, but not fast enough.
I ended up clipping into the top of the pom-pom a little.

I sprayed the tail too.

Oh well....I tried.

I still think that he turned out cute.

Not sure if his owner will stick with the pom-pom cut.

That would be okay with me.

I think that he would look nice in a Lamb cut. :)

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