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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesdays Tip #57...Christmas Extras Chart

For those groomers who spend a lot of time and money to make Christmas extras for your customers, like bows, bandanas, bow ties, ect.
Or, for the groomers who spend a lot of hard earned money buying already made extras for their customers dogs.

I don't know about other groomers out there, but it really bothers me when I put these little extras on a pet, and a customer either yanks them out of the dogs ears and throws them in the trash right in front of me, or I find them out in the parking lot where the owner yanked them off of the dog and just tossed them away.
I understand that not everyone likes the extras, and that is fine.

So, this year I have made a little chart to put on my counter, showing the extra Christmas Bling that I have to offer.

Starting after Thanksgiving, we will ask each customer if they would like a complimentary Christmas Extra.
They may choose one, per dog, of the extras pictured.
We will let them choose so that the customer will be able to tell us ahead of time if they do not want any extras on their dog.
The chart also helps, at this time of year, when you are not quite sure of your customers religious beliefs.
The last thing I want to do is to unintentionally offend someone.

It has always surprised me how some customers get almost offended by any bows being put in their dogs ears....any time of year.

This chart would actually be helpful all year round.
I will just take pictures of the extras offered for other Holidays and the summer time.

You could just take pictures of the actual extras, or of the extras on the dog.
I choose to take pictures of the extras on the dog, so that customers could see what each extra looked like on a dog.

Hope this helps. :)


  1. Unrelated question to this post:

    We took Summer to donate blood to another dog yesterday, and the vet tech this time round was less experienced and shaved her paw for the iv and a huge patch of neck to poke her neck vein for the collection. Also instead of simply picking out a patch of fur over the vein (so that the remaining long feathery stuff can fall over and cover up) he kind of mowed over the surrounding hair taking some of the length so it's pretty obvious.

    How long do u think it would take to grow back? Will the patch grow back a different texture and be awful? Summer is a golden and we have never done anything except trim her coat ourselves, only paws, ears, tail and bum. So this is really yikes.

    Not that it would have changed our mind on donation but I wish he would have just scooped out the hair instead!

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      That was a very sweet thing to do. Yes, the hair should grow back and look normal. The only thing is, it may take a long time. Every dog is different. It could take a couple of months, it could take almost a year, especially the chest hair. The vets use a #50 surgical blade. You might want to buy some pretty bandannas for her to wear around her neck for a while.
      Lisa, MFF

  2. That is a GREAT idea! That always hurts my feelings too, but this would be great! We always use snowflake and snowman printed bandannas so as to not offend anyone's religious beliefs too, but I'm a big fan of the "menu" of sorts. :)