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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Product Review...Scissor Comb

As I have stated before, my reviews of products that I try are my opinions.
I try to talk about the pros and the cons that I found when using the product.
Hopefully my review will help another groomers decided whether or not they would like to try the product.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a link that another groomer had posted on one of the grooming forums.
She was curious about a product that she found on-line.
It was for Scissor Combs.
I clicked on the website, because I was also very curious about this product.
Because of the low price (at least I thought that it was low compared to so many other expensive grooming tools) I decided to try it out.

It took about a week and a half, but the Scissor comb arrived a couple of days ago.

The Scissor Comb came with instructions on how to put it on your scissors.

Before taking off the adhesive cover, I placed the comb against my scissors to see if I would need to cut the Scissor Comb to fit.

Yes, it can be cut to fit any size scissor.

After following the instructions, I stuck the comb to my scissors.

The comb is very light weight.

The adhesive also sticks immediately to the scissors.

So, you must make sure you have it lined up before you press the comb to your scissors.

I tried them out with my first dog of the day.

I have to admit it was a little awkward at first.

That could partly be because I am ambidextrous.

Meaning, I groom with both hands.

I am naturally left handed, but I scissor with my right hand.

Because of this, I usually use my left hand to comb while I am scissoring.

It makes a very nice flow when I scissor.
Comb, scissor, comb, scissor, without having to put my scissors down.
I though that the Scissor Comb could come in handy for those times when I have to hold a dog still with my left hand and can not comb, without putting my scissors down.

I have a feeling that a right handed groomer may benefit from the Scissor Comb more than me.
Mainly because I don't comb with my right hand.
That is why I found it very awkward to comb with the Scissor Comb in my right hand.

 At one point, I even tried switching the Scissor Comb to the other side of my scissors to see if it would not be as awkward to comb.

There was no problem combing, but the comb did get in the way with scissoring when placed on the wrong blade.

I had no problem removing the comb and trying it on the other side of the scissors.
The adhesive did leave a little residue. (I think that the longer the comb is on the scissors, the harder the comb may be to remove, and more adhesive may be left behind.)
I am pretty sure that a tiny bit of Goo-be-Gone would easily take care of that without harming your scissors.

Surprisingly, the Scissor Comb did not get in the way while scissoring the legs and body. (when placed on the scissors correctly)

The comb was so light weight that it did not add any weight to my scissors.

The comb was really nice when combing up the hair on the inside of the legs.

I wasn't that crazy about the comb when combing the body.

The comb did not glide through the hair as nicely as my medal comb does.

I found that it tended to get caught up in the hair when you tried to comb all of the way down to the skin.

As I said before, the comb did not get in the way when scissoring the body.

I lost count of how many times I reached for my medal comb.

Mainly because I kept forgetting to use the comb on my scissors.

Old habits die hard. :)

Most of the problems came when scissoring the topknot.

I tried using the Scissor Comb to comb up the topknot before scissoring.

I was able to comb the topknot, but the comb would get caught up in the  long hair. (there were no knots)

I was not able to comb the topknot out the way I like it before I start to scissor, so I did use my medal comb before I scissored anything.

Scissoring the top and sides of the topknot where no problem....

...but I was unable to hold and scissor the front of the topknot the way I normally would.

The Scissor Comb was in the way.

I needed to flip the scissors and twist my wrist in a way that I normally do not scissor.

Oh correction, I had no problem scissoring the right side of the topknot, but the Scissor comb did get in the way when scissoring my line over the top of the left ear.

Once again I needed to flip my scissors and wrist to get the comb out of the way.

I used  only the Scissor Comb to comb out the topknot while scissoring.

Again, it was a little awkward for me, but I guess with time I could get used to using the Scissor Comb.

I personally could not see using the Scissor Comb on a Standard Poodles topknot.

The teeth on the Scissor Comb are just too short to comb long hair.

After I finished the topknot with the Scissor Comb, I went over the topknot with my medal comb.

As you can see, The Scissor Comb didn't do a bad job, but the medal comb did bring up more hair that still needed some more scissoring.

I kept the Scissor Comb on my scissors all day.

I wanted to try it out on different coats.

It worked the best on a Goldendoodle Coat that I was scissoring.

The Scissor Comb seems to work best on thin, medium length coats.

As you can see, the teeth are not very long.

If you have to comb deep in the coat, the comb tends to get caught up and pulls the hair a little.

I will say that I am impressed that the comb rarely gets in the way while scissoring.

I have used it for two days now.
I find that, even though the comb is attached to my scissors at all times, I tend to forget to use it.
I naturally reach for my medal comb.

I also found today, that the comb also got in the way when I was trying to scissor the edges of a dogs ears leather close.
I didn't like that at all, it was dangerous to me.

                The Pros:                                                     The Cons:
~Lightweight                                                   ~Comb teeth too pointy and short
~Fits scissors well                                           ~Comb does not always glide
~Strong hold adhesive                                       smoothly through hair.
~Low cost                                                       ~Comb may tend to get in the
~For the most part, comb does not                     when scissoring around eyes
   get in the way of scissoring                              and ears.
~Do not have to put scissors down                  ~The comb is well made
   to comb hair.

As with any grooming tools, you either love them, or you don't.
I have several tools that I have bought over the years that are sitting in a cabinet not being used.
Not because they didn't work as intended, but because I didn't feel comfortable, or like using them.

Some groomers may find that they love using the Scissor Comb, others may not like it at all.
I have mixed feelings.
I like the idea of it, but as I said at the top of this post, because I don't normally comb with my right hand, it feels very awkward to me when I try to comb with the Scissor Comb.

Well, I guess when it comes right down to it, this reviews stinks.
I  have been no help at all.
Sorry about that. :/

The link for the Scissor Comb is at the top of this post.
Go to the website and check it out if you would like.
There is a video demonstrating the Scissor Comb for you to watch and decide for yourself.
I think that the price is reasonable.
I am not sorry that I bought one to try it out. :)


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