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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sleeping dogs

One of my goals as a groomer is to make the grooming process as comfortable as possible for the dogs.
I want the dogs to like coming to see us.
I know that I can not get all of them to like being groomed, but I do have a lot of my four legged customers run in my door happy to see me.
I am very proud of that.

I also like them to feel relaxed during the groom.
Sometimes I think that I make them too relaxed.

Puppies for instance.
They are always falling asleep on me.

Puppies like to fall asleep after their first grooming.

I love to watch them sleep.

A puppy sleeping is one of the cutest things ever.

They even fall asleep standing up.

It's not only the puppies that fall asleep on me.

The old timers do too.

A lot of them fall asleep under the dryer.

Some just pretend to be asleep hoping you will forget that they are there.

Some fall asleep because they are tired of standing and decide to take a nap while they wait for you to finish drying them.

Some dogs just all out lay flat and start snoring.

Don't worry, this old guy was just sleeping even though he looked dead to the world.

He really liked the dryer.


I think this guy was just pretending to sleep while he was trying to decide how to escape.

Some dogs try to take a nap, but that darned old groomer keeps making them stand back up.

I think that some of the dogs could sleep the day away on my table.

I even seem to put the cats to sleep.

 They sleep while clipping out mats.

They sleep while being combed out.

Some cats are so used to coming to me for a combout, that they just sack out on the table while I work on them.

Sometimes I feel like letting them sleep on my table and just sit there with them in that peaceful moment.

I'd like to lay my head down next to them, petting them, and soak up the love they so freely give.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. This is sooo cute!! God bless ur hands for having so gentle touch n patience