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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesdays Tip #4

Today is a quick tip.

Today was a busy day.
My daughter Jessica got the call a week early to pick up her new Bichon puppy.
We spent the day making a round trip to Pennsylvania to pick up 8 week old 'Cooper'.

My tip today is about scissoring faces very short.
Some dogs are great for holding their heads still while scissoring around the eyes and mouth.
Then you have those dogs that like to twist their heads back and fourth or up and down.
When you are trying to scissor or clip a very short face there is nothing to hold on to.

This is what I try to do.
I say try because sometimes I forget to use my own trick with these dogs and it ends up taking me twice as long to scissor the face.

I leave a little goatee on the chin till the very last so that I will have something to hold on to while scissoring the face.
This helps me when I have something to hold on to as long as the dog your working on does not decide to constantly yank their head out of my hold and leave a chuck of hair behind.
If they keep doing that, there may not be any hair left in that goatee to hold.

It has always amazed me that a dog would rather yank their head away so hard, leaving hair behind in my hand or fingers, then just hold still for a few minutes.

After I have everything on the face scissored, I scissor off the goatee.

I hope this little tip helps with some of your dogs.

Oh, would you like to see 'Cooper'?

Is that the cutest face ever?
Aren't all puppy's cute?

Would you say my daughter likes Bichons?
These are her kids.
'Zoey' 13 years old, 'Bentley' 2 1/2 years old, and 'Cooper' 8 weeks.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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