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Monday, November 15, 2010

You try, and try, and try...

I love to talk to people and try to educate them about grooming their dogs.
I have had many people come in over the years with very matted dogs, and I have been pretty successful at educating them in a friendly way.
Many of them became great, regular customers.

I try very hard not to make them think that I am judging them.
Believe me, sometimes it is very hard, because I am judging them.
Like when this guy came in.

This is an Airedale that came in back in May.
He was a new customer.

I have discovered over the years that about 90% of Airedale owners do not get their dogs groomed often.
Most are groomed only once or twice a year.
Out of those 90%, 89% of the Airedales come in matted.
Very matted.
I don't get it.
Is it the wiry coat?
I can understand that they may not notice the matting right away because of the course coat, but most of these Airedales come in with dread locks hanging off of them.

They are so beautiful when they are groomed.
Why wouldn't someone want them to look that way all of the time.

 The owners were very nice people, but after all of these years, I can tell when someone doesn't really want to hear what I have to say. 
This Airedale was around 5 years old, I am sure another groomer had already told them about what the matting was doing to their dog.
They talked about getting the dog on a regular schedule...NOT.

Now this is where other groomers would argue with me.
I almost never shave down the matted Airedales that come in.
I know, I know.
The owners don't deserve a longer cut on the dog.
Look at that face, it is not his fault his owners don't take good care of him. 
I did not want to make him look like a rat.

Airedale hair demats so easily that I just can't help myself.
I hate shaved legs on a dog.
I know I am crazy.

This poor guys ears were also in terrible shape.

I know some groomers will not touch ears like this.
I do.
Because I know, that more then likely, these owners will not take their dog to the Vet, and if I can help and give the dog a little relief I will.
He was so good, and let me pluck and clean out his ears.

I am very careful, I know my limits.
I save what I get out of the ears and show it to the owners.
I don't mind using gilt tactics to try to get an owner to do the right thing.
I also take pictures as proof of the neglect.
I try to make sure that no one can come back to me and accuse me of infecting an ear or putting sores on their freshly clipped dog.
All the Vet sees, is a newly groomed dog, so of course the groomer must be at fault.

I may not have shaved him down, but I also didn't save a lot of coat.

He got a very short Airedale cut.
I used a #7F on his back, and I was able to get a #C1F blade through his legs.
He felt so much better, he was ready to run and play.
He was a great dog.

I have not seen him since May.
Maybe I will see him next May.
I tried.
At least he would feel good for a while.

It feels good to make a dog feel good, if only for a little while.
That is what being a groomer is all about.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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