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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closed Again!

Another 14 dogs to move!
There goes Saturday at the Pet Expo.

Is it just me, or does fate know when you have a day off scheduled to do something.
So, we called everyone this morning to move them to Saturday.
It turns out that all but one customer, there always seems to always be one, were not planning on coming in today.

We live at the end of a 1/2 mile private road, and our driveway is about 2oo feet long.
This is what the private road looked like after the first wave of the storm yesterday morning.
This is why we own FWD vehicles.
This was a round 4 inches, no problem.
We got about 9 more inches last night.
I haven't walked up to see the lane yet today.

Around 4pm the second wave hit .
Right in time for rush hour.

One of my friends spent 5 hours on the Beltway trying to get home last night.
She posted on facebook that people were getting out of their cars having snowball fights to pass the time in the back up.

 This is what it looked like at around 8pm.

Note the car.
It had been cleaned off from the earlier snow in the morning.

 At one point, the storm became a whiteout.
The wind was blowing hard.
It is times like these that I hate living around trees.

I dug an area out for the dogs to go to the bathroom this morning.
My hope was that they would stay in the shoveled area and not come back in covered in snow.

Of course one or two always have to go find their own spot.

My poor bushes.
Some of them were destroyed in last years storms.

This storm may have finished some others off.

It is beautiful.
It is nice to have a couple of days off.

Until it's time to pay the rent and get your paycheck.  :(

I am spending the day sorting through my pictures.
That will take me all day.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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