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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Schnuazer Eyebrows

We got 4" of snow over night.
That was at my house.

At the shop, we had about 2" of snow.
We had 4 cancellations today.
It was only a few inches people, come on.
Okay, I am done.

Anyway, I had a new customer scheduled today.

This is 'Mikey'.
He is a 10 year old Schnauzer.

What a joy he was to work on.
He did not mind his nails being clipped, his ears plucked or his legs brushed.
There must be something wrong with him.
He was just too good.
He must not be a true Schnauzer.

His Dad wanted a traditional Schnauzer Cut.
My traditional cut is a Schn. #7F, neaten the legs, unless the owner requests the legs shortened.

 This is how I was taught to do Schnauzer eyebrows.
On an angle, short and visor type.

Over the years I have played with ways to open the eyes up, to make the owners happy.

My biggest complaint from owners is that the eyebrows grew back too fast or they could not see the eyes enough.

I just love when a Schnauzer comes in for a grooming and the owner has chopped the eyebrows off.

I was not sure when 'Mikey' was last groomed.
He looked like he was all one length, so I figured he had been clipped down for his last groom.

As I was clipping him I noticed that his eyebrows were very long.
This made me wonder.
Was this a Schnauzer who's  owner was getting the new style of eyebrows that I have seen at some of the recent shows.

I have not been able to scissor the new type of eyebrows that I have been seeing, because all of the Schnauzer's that I groom like short eyebrows.

I decided to keep 'Mikey's' eyebrows long.

I was not sure that this is what his Dad wanted, but when I am not sure about something, I always keep it on the long side.
I can always cut it off later, but I can not put the hair back on.

I used a #5F blade against the grain on his head, because his hair is thin.

This is my first attempt at scissoring long Schnauzer eyebrows.

I had to work on achieving an arch while keeping the length.
I also wanted the eyebrow to be open so that you could still see the dogs eyes.

  Darn eyebrows have a mind of their own.

I want to know why a Schnauzer always feels the need to look all around the room and move those eyebrows all over the place while you are trying to scissor them.

I can't remember how many times I froze in place with scissors in hand waiting for 'Mikey' to stop moving his eyebrows up and down and all around.

When I finished, I was happy with the eyebrows.


...would 'Mikey's' dad want these long eyebrows?


Dad wanted them short.

Oh well, at least I got to try them and got a picture.  :)

Today was the first time that I used my new camera.
Still trying to get used to it, and I have this crazy fear that I am going to drop the darn thing.

Still working on my darn website.
Hope to have it finished by this weekend.

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. Hi Lisa - I love your blog and those Schnauzer eyebrows are just superb. If I had done those I would be absolutely gutted that the owner wanted them short. Your photo's of the eyebrows at different angles are a great help , I cant wait to give them a try on my next Schnauzer.

    Lesley - Muttley's

  2. Very nice Schnauzer cut :) Loved the long brows- perfect!

    I usually do my dog in a show clip or a modified puppy depending on the weather.
    I have to take away most of the hair on the snout bridge and underneath the eyes though, because he has unusually curly hair for a Schnauzer even though he is an AKC purebred (think: Schnauzer w/ a loose perm)and if I don't take the hair away there he gets little bits that curl up and get in his eyes.

    My dog: Envision 'Mikey' with black hair in loose ringlets just starting to grey and you'll have my Bailey.

  3. I love the long eye brows. look great.

  4. I have a mini schnauzer that I show and the eyebrows and beard are probably the bits I struggle most with - these were fab (till they went shorter, what a shame!) Do you do one cut or two to get the main shape?

    1. Hi,
      Schnauzer eyebrows drive me crazy. I rarely get really nice ones like this dog. That eyebrow hair can tend to have a mind of its own, and so many of them have small cowlicks right in the eyebrows. So the way I cut them varys on each dog. With the dog above it took two cuts.
      Lisa, MFF

  5. Just met my second City and Guilds qualified Dog Groomer who told me she too, had never heard that a dog might need his shade over his eyes to protect his eyesight. She also (alarmingly told me that she cuts dogs eyelashes when the owner asks her to because they think (the owner this is), the lashes are too long. I find this shocking.

    1. The groomer that I have taken my female mini to for years decided he wanted to go back to school. The eyebrows were always cut short at a 45 degree angle, and when you looked at Bella, all you could see were black eyes because her eyelashes are black, and I just loved that look about her. I haven't been able to get the same eyebrow cut since, even after taking her to two different groomers and explaining that they are leaving the brow too long and shaggy. It seems Bella can't open her eyes all the way because of the heavy weight of the brows. I love that you cut Mikey's brows short, but I would like to have also seen a frontal picture in addition to the side photo after you cut them short to please the owner. I have been looking for a picture online forever.... Thank you, Paula; Tulsa Oklahoma