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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This is what we woke up to today.

There was only about 2 inches on the ground when I took this picture at 7 am, but it is a wet, heavy snow with car accidents all over the place.
Snow changing to sleet and rain, then back to snow with 4-6 more inches tonight.

Oh, I also woke up with another head cold.
The third one this winter!

We decided to move all of our appointments off of today.
14 dogs!
Where to move them when you are already booked up?
Fortunately we had closed off Friday for the local Pet Expo.
So we moved most of them to Friday.
It worked out because most of them were not intending to come in today even if we had opened up.  :(

So far the snow stopped for an hour then started up again.
In the picture above, through those trees and down the hill, are my horses.
There is a special quite outside when it snowing.

It is so pretty and peaceful down with the horses.
All of the mud is frozen and covered in snow.

The girls are waiting for their morning feeding.

This is 'Pumpkin' our foster horse.
She is 30 or 31 years old.
I promised her that this would be her last home.
She keeps my girl company.

This is 'Arianna'.
The spoiled stinker.
She 9 years old.

 The snow is beautiful, but I am a warm weather person.
I can't wait for spring.
These are the pictures I like taking of my girls.

Come on summer.
I know, I know, it is only January.

I love looking at the green grass in this picture.
I can feel the warm breeze.

Oh, never mind.
That is just my room heater blowing on me.
Wishful thinking.
Cough, cough.

Well, if you are grooming today, have a furry day.  :)

Happy grooming, MFF

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