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Monday, May 9, 2011

It Drives Me Crazy

When customers bring in their own shampoo.
I understand when a customer brings in a shampoo prescribed by their Vet, although most of them are awful and don't work. IMO

Most of them don't work because the owner does not use them as prescribed.
They do not bathe the dog as often as needed.
They do not shampoo the dog correctly. (I see this in our Self-Serve all of the time)
They do not let the dog soak long enough.
And, they do not rinse will.

I have noticed that most of these shampoo's also do not clean the dog.

It really drives me crazy when they bring in a shampoo that they bought at the grocery store.
I hate to say that I actually feel offended sometimes depending on the brand of shampoo they bring in.
I want so much to say, "Do you really think this shampoo is better then what I use?!"
Sometimes I do tell them that I have a shampoo that is similar and better, so they can keep their shampoo for using at home.

With some customers it is not worth the fight.
If they want me to use their shampoo that much, I will.

I will admit, if it is a shampoo that does not clean, I will use our shampoo first and then follow up with the owners shampoo.
I do this because, you better believe if that dog is still dirty or goes home scratching, they will call and blame me.
It wasn't their sub-par shampoo, it was the way I washed the dog.  Grrrr

I am a fanatic about a clean dog, so I will use my shampoo to supplement the owners shampoo to get the dog good and clean. 

The thing that drives me crazy the most is what the owner of this dog does.

We have been grooming this guy since he was a puppy.

About a year ago his owner took him to a doggy Dermatologist.

We have been bathing him in a proscription shampoo ever since.

It is actually a really nice shampoo, but...

His mom never brings in a full bottle of shampoo.
She complains about the price of it.
I don't blame her, it is ridiculous to me what they charge for these shampoos.

Anyway, his owner only brings in the amount of shampoo she thinks that we need.

The green arrow shows how much was in the bottle when she brought him in the last time.
That was actually more shampoo then usual.

'Mom, I have a lot of hair, give them some more shampoo!'

His Mom also bathes him in our Self-Serve between groomings.

I have never watched her bathe him to see how much shampoo she uses.

I can't watch the Self-Serve customers.
It drives me crazy to see them only soap up the dogs back and think that they are done.
And, don't offer suggestions.
They get mad at you.  :/

We bathe him in Hypo first, and then follow up with the prescription shampoo.
That way he gets clean with a mild shampoo that won't hurt his skin.
He is rinsed completely, then his prescription shampoo is left on for 10 minutes.

The prescription shampoos also tend to spread better after the dog has been shampooed and rinsed before using them.

Don't get me started on the customers who bring in people shampoo. :-)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. this drives me crazy as well, and I even work at a vets office!! I have convinced a few of the clients that were purchasing the vet oatmeal shampoo that I had my own oatmeal shampoo thats similar (actually WAY better) and that I could use mine instead. Still have a few customers bring in other products sometimes, no human shampoo tho! I love your description of the owners idea of how much shampoo you need to use. I have a lady bring in her Bernese Mt. Dog and own shampoo (oatmeal but I know better to suggest I use my oatmeal) and the amount she had in the bottle wouldnt have washed HALF her dog.

  2. I'll go one better: the one who brings in her human bubble bath and insists that if we don't use it on her two double-coated dogs, they will itch at home until she does it herself...

  3. Kali,
    I'd bathe the Ber. Mt. dog half in her shampoo and half in yours, works for me! lol

    Bubble Bath?!?!? That's a new one on me. :/

  4. Hi! Just wondering which shampoo you use or recommend...I have been grooming for 14 years and have tried a lot of dog shampoo...currently use ikaria but don't think I like it...I order from pet edge & they don't have customer reviews which I think they should w/ as many shampoos as there are to choose from..I don't mind paying a little extra for a quality shampoo that leaves the dog clean and smelling great. Thank you! Sherry

    1. Hi Sherry,
      So sorry it took me so long to reply. Like you, I have tried a lot of different shampoos over the years. There are a few that I must always have in the shop and have been using for years. Best Shot Shampoo and Creme Rinse for double coated dogs and matted dogs. (I don't clip or brush anything before the bath) I use both the Ultra and the Ultra Max Best Shot. Love this stuff!
      I also must have Ring5 Mediceptic shampoo and Ring5 Brite White Shampoo. I have been using both of these shampoos for over 20 years. The Brite White is the best whitening shampoo that I have used.
      PurePet D'Grease Shampoo is also a must for me. You know those greasy Yorkies, and greasy ears? This shampoo works great! I also love PurePets Hot Oil treatment.
      For a basic cleaning shampoo I use Desert Almond Shampoo from DoubleK. I personally like the smell of it.
      One last must, :) I bathe every head and face with GreenGrooms Oder Eliminating Shampoo. I love the smell of this shampoo! It makes those nasty smelling beards and mustaches smell so much better. I wash all of the heads and faces first so that the shampoo can sit and soak on the face while I bathe the rest of the dog.
      I also have a basic Oatmeal Shampoo that I use but I cant remember who makes it right now. I am pretty sure that it is called OatMella. Maybe DoubleK, I am just not sure...
      I hope this helps, and once again I am sorry for taking so long to answer. Thanks for reading my blog. :)
      Lisa, MFF