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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday's Tip #22 Long Ears

I thought that I would stick with the long ears for this weeks tip.

As I talked about in yesterdays post, I have a few of customers who like their dogs ears left very long.

You spend time combing, brushing, bathing, drying, and combing, brushing again, and then trimming.
After all of that you put them in the kennel to wait for their owner to pick them up.

The owner arrives, you go to the kennel to get their dog, and there he/she is with all of that long ear hair in their mouth!
The hair has been chewed.
It is tangled.
It is wet.
It has to be brushed and dried again while the owner is waiting.

This is when I pull out my trusty childrens hairbands.

I use them to tie up the ends of the ears.
This way the ears stay out of the way of the dogs mouth.

It is important you make sure that the hairbands are placed at least 1/2 inch below the end of the ear leather.

When the owner comes to pick up all I have to do is, pull out the hairbands, run a brush through the ears and off they go.

I buy fancy bows for my girls to wear all of the time.

I think it is cuter then wrapping them.

I do not offer this to customers, because I am afraid that when they put the hairbands back in they will tie it too close to the ear leather, or tie it right around the ear leather, and it will somehow come back to haunt me.

But, it is great for saving those ears till the owner picks up.
Hope this helps.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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