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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday's Tip #24 Cooling Blades

Wow, this is the first time that I have sat down since Friday.
I have been helping my daughter move her room.
Painting, moving furniture, taking things apart and putting things back together again.

I think I will go to work tomorrow just to get a break.  :)

My tip is quick tonight.

I use Cool Lube to cool my blades if needed.
I know that a lot of groomers don't like using Cool Lube.
Most of them seem to complain that it jammed up their blades.

I have never had that problem.
I spray the blade all over then I wipe it down really well.
Most importantly, I blow all of the extra Cool Lube out of the teeth, then wipe the excess off, making sure that the blade is good and dry before clipping again.

I also try to have at least 2 of each blade size sharp so that I can switch between them when one gets hot.

My tip of the day is to place the warm blade on a ceramic tile.

My daughter and I both have a 12x8 inch ceramic tile on top of our dressers.

I bought tiles with a textured finish so that the blades had less chance of sliding off.

I keep all of the blades that I am currently using on top of the tile.

The tiles were only around $2.50 each.
They are even cheaper for the plain smooth top finish.

A few weeks ago when I was buying the stainless steal for my tub backboard, I came across a 12x8 duct cover.

I like that the stainless steel stays cool, and I also liked that it was like a little tray with sides to it.

So I bought one and sat it on top of my ceramic tile.

It does help cool the blades a little quicker.
The duct cover set me back around $8.

I hope this tip helps someone.

Time to go get some rest.
Work and then more moving and painting tomorrow.  :/

Happy Grooming, MFF

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