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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Simple Pleasure

It has been so long since I have had a really good Schnauzer to groom.
Don't get me wrong, a lot of the Schnauzer's that I groom are nice dogs, but almost everyone of them has some kind of issue.
They hate their legs to be brushed..and they bite.
They hate their ears to be plucked..and they bite.
They don't like anything done..and they bite.

Then you have the ones that are sweet, but they are nervous wrecks.
They are scared of everything.
They shake.
They curl up, making it hard to work on their legs.
They squeal when you touch them.
Sometimes even the sweet ones.. fear bite.

Last of all, so many of them come in matted.
Or they have thin, scrappy coats.
Or their owners have cut off their eyebrows.
Or hacked off their beards.
OR...one comes in that is all of the above.

Saturday I had a Schnauzer come in for the second time, and she is an utter pleasure to groom.  :)


She also has a great coat to work on, and her Mom does a pretty good job of taking care of it.

She did have a few knots here and there.
She also had a few spots where her Mom had cut out the some knots.  :)

She is very good about her bath, and the HV dry.

And, she doesn't mind having her legs brushed!

              After the Bath and Blow Dry>

She is one thick and fluffy Schnauzer.


She doesn't mind you clipping her pads.

She doesn't try to sit down on the clipper every time you lift her leg to clip her belly.

She does not mind her nails being clipped.

Double Yaaaa!

She doesn't yank her ear out of my hand, or shake her head the entire time I am trying to clip it.

AND, she lets me pluck her ears without jerking away, squealing, or trying to bite me.

I don't know...

I am beginning to wonder if she really is a Schnauzer.

She looks like one...but she doesn't act like one.  :)

She does not move while you are scissoring her.

Half way done.

I could just take my time and work on her all day.

I thought that I was all done, when my husband told me that he forgot to tell me the owner wanted the beard shorter.

She wanted about an 1 1/2 " off the beard.

I liked the long beard.

Such a sweet girl.

What a great way to end the day...and the week.  :)

The Groom:
Body: #7f Schn. pattern
Legs: scissor 1/2 off, (as per owner request) blend the holes where the owner cut out knots
Head: Schn. pattern with #7f against the grain
Ears: clip with a #10 blade
Special instructions: do not take belly and rear too short, skim lightly with #10 blade, leaving rear and belly a little fuzzy.

Here's to hoping that you get those simple pleasures to help you remember why you love grooming.

Happy Grooming,MFF

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