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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Very Scary

My little girl 'Abby' is home from spending 2 nights in the ER.
Tuesday morning she was fine.
By afternoon she had a bout of diarrhea.
A couple of hours later the diarrhea had turned into a pool of blood.
By 5pm I was at my Vets.
Five minutes later, my Vet sent me to the ER.

To say that I was not happy is an understatement.
My Vet is sending me to a Vet ER?
What happened to your regular Vet taking care of things?
I wasn't about to go to the Vet ER down the road, I had heard too many bad things about them.
I also heard of Vet bills in the thousands.
I took her to the one closer to my home, which was 40 minutes away.

Diagnosis: Gastroenteritis Hemorrhagic
This is cause by bacteria building up and becoming toxic.
Apparently, it is fairly common in dogs.

'Abby' had 4 bouts of bloody diarrhea, all blood.
Her temperature was 98, way too low.
She was also dehydrated, even though she had been drinking.
She could not keep the water down.

She is home now, on 3 different meds, and has kept her dinner down and in so far.  :)

She is in her favorite place right now, sleeping in her bed on my desk.

"Come on Mom, how would you like me taking a picture of you when your not feeling 100%?"

Time to give her her meds.
I might as well do it now since I woke her up.
Thankfully, she is very good about taking her medicine.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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