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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tip #28 Clipping a Cat's Nails

At this time I don't groom a lot of cats.
That may be changing soon, I'll blog about that later.

Today's tip is about clipping a cat's nails.
I guess to be exact, it is about the clipper that I like to use to clip a cat's nails.

 I use my regular dog nail clippers to clip cat nails, and most cat's are fine with it.

But, I feel that the clipper is too large for cat's.

I have several cat nail clippers and small dog clippers, but don't particularly like any of them for cats.

What is my favorite tool to use for clipping a cat's nails? 

This one is pretty good.

It is a toenail clipper for people, but it is not my favorite.

This is my favorite clipper for clipping cat nails.

Yep, your seeing right.

It is a simple fingernail clipper for people.

I love that it is small and easy to hold while you are working to keep a cat still.

The nail fits between the cutting blades perfectly.

The scissor type toenail clippers work well on large cats that have larger thick nails.

It works well also on those thick nails on some of the cats back feet.

They also work really well for getting in there and reaching those side dew claws that can be very tight to the side of the paw sometimes.

As I said before the small fingernail clipper works perfectly.

The nail slides very easily between the blades.

If you have a good cat that does not mind it's nails being clipped, you can have one foot done in literally 10 seconds.
One second to depress the nail, one second to clip it.

If you have a cat like I had walk in last Saturday, it can take 15 minutes to clip two feet.
Clip a nail, spend a couple of minutes calming the cat down, clip another nail, repeat...
Actually I had to give up after the 9th nail.

I can deal with the hissing and spitting, but when the teeth come out I am done.
I really have to invest in one of those nice cat air muzzles.  :)
It would keep me and the cat safe.

I have also taught some of my cat customers how to clip their own cat's nails.
I know.
I lose money by doing that, but I mainly do it for the owners who's cat's get very stressed coming to the groomer.
If the owner can do the clipping at home, it is better for a stressful cat.

Clipping a cats nails:

~First, find a quiet place, preferably a closed in room in case the cat gets away from you.
~Either put the cat up on a table, or in your lap.
~Gently, (I can't stress this enough) very gently pick up a foot.
If the cat pulls the foot away, let him.. pet him..then try again.
~Once the cat lets you lightly hold it's foot, gently
press down on the cats knuckle to expose the nail.

The last thing you want to do with a cat is get upset with it.
Always remember, you piss a cat off enough, he can tear you up in no time flat.
A cat bite will put you in the ER faster than any dog bite.

Most cat nails are clear enough for you to see where the pink quick shows.

 Slide the nail between the blades and cut just below the pink area.

For pet owners:

If you are afraid to clip the nail back that far, just clip half way up the nail, or clip the pointy tip off.

The small fingernail clipper can also be used on the side dew claw.



 You want the cut to be quick and firm.

 Do not squeeze too slowly, the cat could jerk the foot away and you would only cut part of the nail, or splinter the nail.

If your fingernail clipper does not give a clean, quick cut, it may be dull.

Buy a pair of clippers just for the cat. 

Clip the back nails the same as the front.


I hope this helps.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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