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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, I guess not really a test per-say.

While on vacation I thought that it would be fun to write up some True or False questions about grooming.
I know, I am anal, who goes on vacation and still thinks about work.
I do apparently. lol

At the beach you do a lot of sitting around.
I usually take 4 or 5 books with me to read, but all of the authors that I like to read did not have any new books out right now.
I took the last Harry Potter book to read again before I saw the movie, but I finished that the second day.
So, the rest of the time I wrote.

I thought that it would be fun to write a grooming test.
I wrote questions that I would like any groomers that I was going to hire to answer just to get an idea if they were on the same page as me with the way they groom.
This little test would have definitely come in handy back when I was hiring employees.

Today I will post the first set of questions.
They are all about bathing dogs.
(Other tests on drying and clipping will follow in the coming weeks.)
Over the next couple of days I will post the answers and explanations of the answers.

This test is for groomers, and is for fun.
The answers are based on my 27 years of grooming experience.
Some groomers will agree with my answers, and I am sure that some may not.
I would love to hear comments from any groomers that have a different opinion.

Bathing Test: True or False

1)  A dog feels more comfortable gently showered with a sprayer rather then submerged into a tub full of water.

2) People soaps and shampoos can be used on dogs and cats as long as they have been recommended by a Veterinarian.

3) It is okay to spray water directly into a dogs face.

4) A dog can drown if they get too much water into their lungs.

5) It is okay to get shampoo in a dogs eyes, because the label states that the shampoo is tearless.

6) A dog should be bathed in cool water.

7) It is a good idea to put cotton balls into a dogs ears to keep water out while bathing.

8) Eye crust must be shaved off before the bath.

9) It is okay to bathe a matted dog.

10) It is okay to leave the dog soaking, in Medicated shampoo while you work on another dog, as long as the dog is tied safely in the tub.

11) A dog should not be allowed to lay down in the tub while bathing.

12) Always use a sprayer with a strong pressure when bathing a dog.

13) It is better to express Anal Glans in the tub while bathing.

14) You can only get a dog clean by hand bathing.

15) It is okay to leave Creme Rinse on a dogs coat.

16) A dogs coat must be completely rinsed off of all shampoo.

17) All undercoat must be brushed out of a dog before bathing.

18) Using flea shampoo is the only way to kill fleas on a dog.

The answers will be posted over the next couple of days.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. Fun! Thanks for the test. Wish I had the answers already.