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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Drying..Answers to 11-20

Okay, let's see if I can get through these answers tonight.
It was one heck of a grooming day.
All easy dogs today but one.
It is amazing how one dog can drain you of all your energy.

'Charlie' was in again.
Today he was loaded with undercoat that was just starting to mat up.
He is usually a Bath, Combout & Trim feet.
Today his Mom decided to ask for the good old 'puppy cut'.
Usually I like hand scissor cuts, but 'Charlie' does not like to stand.
He likes to lay down..on his side..and push his feet into my belly.
Not very helpful when it comes to hand scissoring a dogs entire body.

Sorry about the picture quality.
I forgot my camera today, and had to use a cheapy one.

Anyway the owner wanted 3-4 inches left on, with a full head.
I had to take my back board off of my table because all he wanted to do was sit his bum on the top edge of it.
So after my workout with 'Charlie' going up, down, up, down, and leaning against the wall, I got him done.

Thankfully he was my last dog of the day.
Well, not really, my daughter groomed my last dog while I wrestled with 'Charlie'.
Thank you Jess for always being there to help me out when I need it.  :)

Okay, on to the answers.

Drying True & False Test Answers 11-20:

11) A terry clothe towel is the best way to remove excess water from the dogs coat.

FALSE: I use a combination of things to help dry a dog besides HVing. One of my favorite things is 'Absorbers'. They are absorbent towels that you can find in the car isle in Wal-Mart. They suck the water right out of the hair. Just rub the dog, wring out the towel, and rub the coat again. Rub and wring as much as you need to. Then I follow up with a terry clothe towel. 

*Note: When cleaning these 'Absorbers', I use baking soda, or a very, very diluted, mild detergent. You don't want the 'Absorber' to soak up and hold the soap. Also, only air dry these towels.

This is an 'Absorber' cut in half. I get two towles out of each package.

12) The strength of the air is more powerful on a HV dryer without the pointy, round blower tip.

FALSE: The more concentrated the air, the more powerful the air is. The air that comes out of the  small pointy, round blower tip causes the air flow to be at its highest pressure. When using this hose tip you do not want to place it right up to the dogs skin.

13) It is okay to keep HV drying if the dog is really scared.

FALSE: It is not okay to continue any kind of grooming when a dog is really scared. If a dog is really scared of the HV dryer, try turning the power down, and start at the foot on a rear leg. Keep the hose as far from the dogs head as you can until the dog realizes that the air really isn't as bad as they think it is, and they relax. Also talk, talk ,talk. Tell the dog that it is okay. Once the dog has calmed down, slowly increase the power of the dryer.

14) There is such a condition as 'dryer seizures'.

TRUE: I have only noticed this so called condition since using the HV. It does not happen often, but it seems to happen to white dogs and elderly dogs. The dog will start to whine while being HVed. The whine will slowly change from a normal whine to a little more high pitched, and get higher and higher until the dog is suddenly screaming like it has lost its mind. Some dogs will also release their bowls and/or pee.
If this happens, immediately turn off the dryer and pick up the dog. I have found that leaving the room with the dog and going into a lobby or even outside, will help bring the dog out of this so called seizure. Place the dog back in a kennel and let it relax awhile before you try to dry them again..without the HV.
I make a note on these dogs files to only hand dry.

15) A variable speed controlled dryer is a better dryer to use than a Hi/Low speed dryer.

TRUE:  Variable speed gives you so much more flexibility with the pressure of the air. You can dial the air down really low to HV a head or face on a dog that is a little scared.

16) The pointy, small, round blower tip should never be put right up against the dogs skin.

TRUE: The pressure of the air that comes out of the small pointy tip is way too powerful to put up against a dogs skin. This tip should only be used to remove excess water and undercoat by hold the hose at least a few inches or more away from the dogs skin.

17) Using a towel along with the HV dryer can speed up the drying time.

TRUE: Using a towel along with the HV can help speed up the drying. The towel will soak up the water that is spraying off of the dog. I use the towel in two different ways. 1-Put the towel in your hand and then hold the hose with that hand. As you move the hose around the towel catches the water. 2-Hold the hose in one hand and the towel in the other. After you dry a small area, rub that area with the towel, then dry again.

18) The best way to remove undercoat while drying, is to remove the pointy, small, round blower tip, and place the large round tip right against the skin to blow the undercoat out.

TRUE: Even though using the pointy tip can blow out a lot of the undercoat, the wide hose tip can be placed right up against the skin and really blow that dead coat out, while fluffing the dog at the same time.

19) The HV dryer can not be used like a stand dryer.

FALSE: Placing the HV dryer under your arm will allow you to have two free hands so that you can brush and dry at the same time.

20) The direction you blow the hair determines how the hair will lay.

 TRUE: If you want to fluff a coat up, place the wide tip of the hose against the skin and dry in a circular motion. If you want the hair to lay flat, place the hose on an angle to blow the hair in the direction that you want the hair to lay. In the picture I am blowing the eyebrows forward so that they will lay straight.

Well, I made it.
I only fell asleep twice, but I woke up every time my face hit the keyboard.
Time to let the dogs out for a potty run, then climb into bed, and moan and groan as all my poor muscles relax. 
Goodnight.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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