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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Just Can't Seem To Do It

Bichon Heads!
I need a book...Scissoring Bichon Heads for DUMMIES!

First let me say, I do not like the correct Bichon Head.
By the way, who said that the way that they scissor Bichon Heads in shows is the correct way?
Who was the person that scissored the head that way one day and said; "That's it! That's the official Bichon Head."

I know, I have talked about this before.
I rarely ever get a chance to even practice a correct Bichon Head.

Just about all of my Bichon customers like the tight round faces with long ears.

  Today I had a chance to practice.

This guys ears are usually left on the longer side, but because they were matted I told the owner that I would have to shorten them a little.

Because the owner likes the dogs head left big and round, I thought that I would aim for the correct Bichon Head.

Notice that I said 'aim' for.

Let's just say that I was not happy with the end results.

One other thing...I know this dogs head and face are going to be matted big time the next time he comes in.

I racked my brain trying to remember some of the Bichon seminars that I have been to.

I did remember one Bichon groomer telling me to cut a triangular area out right under the ear so that the ear would lay flat against the head.

Then you could scissor the ear into the head and face.

Yea, right.

I could tell almost from the beginning that it wasn't going were I wanted it to.

I was also a little worried about cutting too much off of the ears and having the owner mad at me.


Why won't those ears blend into the head.

Maybe I needed to cut more out from under the ear.

I left well enough, alone.
I was afraid of really messing him up.

I also had his bother in today.
I tried to practice on him too, but he has a really big hole in the top of his head because of a large wart that his Mom won't leave alone.
She chops all of the hair away from around it, and then puts all kinds of lotions on it.  :/

Would you believe that his head and ears actually came out better.

I did feel better about this head... until he shook it.

His hair is so thin and fine that it flopped.
His hair can't handle a big full head.

Oh, and his head will be all matted also when he comes in next time.

I have even noticed at the grooming competitions, that some of the Bichons look great up on the table, but as soon as they start walking around, you can see sticky outies all over, or the heads start to fall.

It doesn't help that I don't like the correct Bichon cut.

This a Bichon from Hershey last year.
The groomer did a wonderful job.


That is not a cut for the real pet world.
The correct Bichon head looks too big to me.
By the next day that head will be a mess.

I am sorry. 
Nothing against the groomer, she is doing the correct Bichon Cut for the show and the competition world.
It is really fun to watch these groomers groom, but this cut would not go over well with the customers.
I would be getting calls the next day saying that the hair was already falling in the dogs eyes.

This is my Bichon pet groom.
The owner wanted the body a little shorter then usual, but she still wanted the big full head.

Body & Legs: 12mm comb and scissor.
Head: Scissor full Bichon Head.  (tried to anyway)
Tail: Neaten what owner cut.

 I'll stick with what my customers want.
Although, I do wish my customers liked shorter ears.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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  1. Your cuts are really cute! How do you get the hair on the paws so neat and round?