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Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Shave My Dog" Release Form

I had a customer today that we have been grooming for a short time.
One of her dogs is a PomX.
He has a really pretty coat, and his owner always gets the dogs feathering trimmed up a little.

Today, when she came in, my husband  brought the dog back and said, "the owner wants him cut like Mr. V's dog."
"You mean the Pom on the wall out there," I questioned, looking shocked.

I have five large framed posters on my lobby wall full of pictures of customers dogs.

"Yes," my husband confirmed, "she wants him to look like 'Toby'.
"Does she realize that 'Toby' gets shaved down?" I ask him.
"Yes, she pointed right to his picture," he told me.
"You told her that that dog is shaved very short, right? I started interrogating him.
"Yes, I told her everything you always tell people about shaving these dogs," he said, getting exasperated with me.
"I even told her we could not put the hair back on if she didn't like it," he added with a smart grin on his face.

I still was not 100% convinced that the owner knew what she was asking for.

This is the picture she was looking at.

This is 'Toby', and his Dad likes him very short. 
He does not care if his dogs hair ever grows back.

This is the PomX that I groomed today.

I love his colors.

I love his long hair.


He's not my dog.

The pom pictured on my lobby wall is clipped short with a #5F blade.

I could not bring myself to clip this dog in a #5F blade.

I really felt that the owner did not quite realize just how short 'Toby' is in that picture.

I chose to use a 12mm clip comb and scissor finish.

There were a few choppy areas where the owner had cut out some mats.
I blended them the best that I could.

I held my breath when my husband took him out to his owner.

She loved it.


I was worried the whole time I was grooming the dog.

 So, it made me think.
Maybe there should be a 'Shave My Dog' Release Form.

It would go something like this:
(the politically correct form) 

'Shave My Dog' Release Form

      I have asked the groomers at (your shop name) to 'shave' my dogs hair off. I understand that 'shaving' means to remove up to 90% of my dogs hair with a clipper and short blade. My dogs coat will be very short and smooth. My dog may even appear to look naked. I have studied the picture on this form, and understand what a 'shaved' dog looks like.
     I understand that 'shaving' my dog may change the color of the coat and, or texture of the fur, depending on the breed and coat type.
     The groomers at (your shop name) have also informed me that in some cases dogs that have been 'shaved' very short may suffer from one or more of the side effects listed below:
~ Clipper Irritation: After being 'shaved' to a very short length, some dogs with sensitive skin could develop a rash from clipper irritation.
~ Rug Burn: Some dogs may go home after being 'shaved' short and rub their face, rear, or body along a rug, chair, sofa, or bed causing rug burn, a red irritated area on the skin where they have rubbed.
~Scratches marks: Some dogs that have been 'shaved' short may go home and scratch with their freshly clipped nails and cause red welts and scratches on their body where they have scratched themselves.
~Embarrassment: Some dogs have been known to become embarrassed and hide after having all of their fur 'shaved' and removed.

I have read and understand all of the above. I have been informed by the groomers at  (your shop name) that my dogs coat is in good condition, and does not have to be 'shaved'. It is my decision to 'shave' my dog short.  I give the groomers at (your shop name) permission to shave my dog.

Owners name:________________Signature:____________________Date:__________

Then there is the form that is not so politically correct, and the one they really should sign:

     I have asked the groomers at (your shop name) to 'shave' my dog. I really do not know what the word 'shaved' means to a groomer, or what I am asking for, but I want it done anyway.
I can not call and change my mind five minutes after the groomer has already 'shaved' my dog.
They will not be able to put my dogs hair back on if I don't like it.
I can not freak out when I see my dog after it has been 'shaved', and I realize that I did not ask for the right thing. I can not blame the groomer for 'shaving' my dog because they could not read my mind and know that I really wanted 2" of hair left on my dog.
I also understand that I can not tell everyone that I see and know that it is the groomers fault my dog looks naked.

Owners Name:_________________________Signature:___________________Date:__________

Of course, I wrote these forms just for fun, but sometimes I wonder if I really should have a 'Shave My Dog' form.  :)


Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. LMAO

    You may just be onto something here...

  2. Brilliant..made me laugh
    I might just use it anyways

  3. I have a sheppard lab hound mix with itchy skin ... I was wondering if I shaved him and then put the cream on from the vet if this would help soothe his itching better ... Also he has a white under coat but looks like a rotti on top .. Would he come back white ?


  4. Hi Kelsey,
    Thanks for reading my blog.
    Hmmmmm a Shep/Lab/Hound mix, I bet he's cute. I am sorry that your are having problems with itchy skin. Is it just itchy skin,or does he have a rash that the cream is for?
    This is just my opinion, but I don't like shaving breeds that are not meant to be shaved, and all three of the breeds that your dog is mixed with are not meant to be shaved. Shaving would be my last resort for fear that the hair would not grow back the same. Also, shaving the coat short on this type of dog will only allow him to get to his skin more easily and do damage, because he doesn't have to chew or scratch through a thick coat that is protecting his skin.
    If the itching is not caused by a rash or some other medical reason, have you tried changing his dog food to see if that may be a reason for the itchy skin? You want to feed a dog food that has real meat (chicken, beef, Lamb, ect.) listed as the first or second ingredient. NO meat-by-product, NO corn, No wheat.
    Sometimes simply changing dog food can have great results for dogs with itchy skin. I feed my dogs Blue Buffalo. You can google it and read about the food. It is expensive, but if it helps your dogs skin it could save you on costly Vet bills.
    If your dog is suffering from more than just itchy skin, follow your Vet instructions with the cream.
    If you do decide to shave your dog, the color of his coat will be whatever the color is closest to the skin when you part the hair. His hair 'should' grow back the same color that it was before being clipped. I hope that this helped some.
    Lisa, MFF

  5. Thanks this did help ... I decided not to shave him and to try him on a no allergen home made diet of rice veggies and meat.... I myself have celiacs disease and know the severe damage gluten and wheat causes me and now knowing it is the most likely cause for Charlie's itchy skin makes me hate it more. Charlie loves the homemade food and we see improvement everyday

    Thanks for the advice
    Kelsey and chuckles

  6. I love the second version of the dog.

  7. Hi Kelsey,
    That is great! I am sure that he loves his new diet. I would love to make homemade food for my dogs too, but I have too many and it is expensive. :(
    His skin should be better in no time.
    "Chuckles" LOVE IT!!
    Lisa, MFF

    Hi K9 Toronto,
    Me too. :) Thanks for reading my blog.

  8. I just had my lab mix hair shaved off will he be ok he has a covered patio and shade all day we live in houston, TX thanks debbie and harley in Texas

    1. Hi Debbie,
      As long as he has shade to keep him from getting sunburned he should be fine. :) Thanks for reading my blog.
      Lisa, MFF