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Monday, December 5, 2011


Please, Please, Please, copy and paste the article below and make it into a flyer to hand out  to all of your grooming customers. 
I made the flyer below with the article written by JoNel Aleccia.

I added the Warning title, the please read, and the pictures of some dogs to catch the attention of my customers.

Since you can't copy and paste off of the photo of the flyer below,  I will put the article under the picture of the flyer. 

Make sure that you keep the name of the author of the article in your flyer.
This is not my article.

I have been steering my customers away from these treats for awhile now.
Not because of the reasons in the article, I didn't know about those reasons.
I have been telling owners not to give them to their dogs, because the one and only time I gave them to my dogs I did not like how hard they were, or that my dogs ate them so fast.
Too fast to soften up the chicken.
I also did not like the way the hard chicken splintered when the dogs bite down into them.
All that I could envision, were those hard splinters of chicken in my dogs belly and intestines.
They did not seem like a safe treat to me.

Chicken jerky treats linked to mystery illnesses, deaths in dogs

It's not clear why chicken jerky products seem to be causing illnesses and even deaths in dogs, federal Food and Drug Administration officials say.

Chicken jerky treats may be to blame for dozens of new reports of mysterious illnesses and some deaths in dogs, prompting a renewed warning for pet owners by the Food and Drug Administration.
At least 70 dogs have been sickened so far this year after reportedly eating chicken jerky products imported from China, FDA officials said. That’s up from 54 reports of illness in 2010. Some of the dogs have died, according to the anecdotal reports from pet owners and veterinarians.

FDA officials say they have not been able to find a cause for the illnesses. Extensive chemical and microbiological testing has failed to turn up a specific contaminant and officials did not identify a specific brand of treats. They note that the reports of illness have not conclusively been tied to chicken jerky products, also sold as chicken tenders, chicken strips or chicken treats.
The new warning follows previous FDA cautions about chicken jerky treats in 2007 and 2008. But after a high of 156 reports of illness in 2007, the number of complaints dropped. Now, it's rising again.
Dog owners and vets are reporting that animals may be stricken with a range of illnesses within days or hours of eating chicken jerky, including kidney failure and Fanconi syndrome, a condition characterized by low glucose.
Symptoms may include decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting, diarrhea, increased water consumption and increased urination. If dogs show any of these signs, stop feeding the animal the chicken jerky products, FDA officials said. If signs are severe or persist for more than 24 hours, seek veterinary help.
Most dogs have recovered, officials said.
Illnesses can be reported to the FDA’s Pet Food Complaint site.

I am making copies and sitting them on the counter in my lobby.
We will also be handing them right to the customers if they don't pick the flyer up on their own.  :)

Happy Grooming, MFF

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