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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Tonight is a photo-show of my sisters cat.
She brings her over once in a while to have her combed out.
The cat will not allow anyone at home to comb her.
I told my sister that her cat is good for me, but I am not sure she totally believes me, so I told her that I would take pictures the next time that she brought her in.

That was yesterday.

My husband or my older son usual take pictures for me when I want pictures as I am grooming.
My husband was busy with the Self-Serve, and my oldest son was bathing a dog.

That left my 11 year old son.

My, can't stand still for two minutes, everything is a joke, son.
My son, that if you ask him to do anything, you would think that you just killed him.

He was the only one available to take pictures for me.

So I called him into the grooming room.
I handed him the camera, and asked him to take pictures for me.

He started to die on the spot.

I pulled him back up by his shirt, and gave him a look that only a Mother can give.
I threatened him with death if he didn't take this seriously and do a good job for me.
I reminded him to gently squeeze the button on the camera so that he would not get a bunch of blurry shots.

"How many pictures do you want?" he asked me.
"Just keep taking pictures while I am combing out the cat," I told him.

I figured that way I would at least get a few good pictures.

He took about 50 pictures.
Only one was blurry.
He did a great job.

Of course he does not want to hear me say; "See what a good job you can do when you don't fool around."

So sit back and enjoy the picture-show of my sisters really pretty kitty.

Miss Kitty had a lot to say about her grooming.

"Good grief, Mom brought me here again!"

"No matter how much I talk, they don't pay attention."

(She is a talker, she is not hissing in this picture)

"Soooo.. I don't let anyone comb me at home."

"What's the big deal?"

"This isn't too bad."

"To the right, up, up, now back over just a little, that's it..right there!"

"Okay.. that wasn't so bad...we're done...right?..."

 "You just had to find that big knot didn't you?"

"I wish that darn dog over there would stop barking."

" Don't give me any of that lovey, dovey talk."

"I know you're not done with me yet."

"Not the belly."


Why must you comb my belly?"

" You are bond and determand to comb out my belly, aren't you?"

 "This isn't so bad."

"Go ahead...get it over with."

 "Who are you looking at?"

"Are you done yet?"

"Now, what are you doing with my back leg?"

"Oooh, can't we have some privcy...all of the dogs are watching!"

"This isn't anymore lady like than the other way you were combing me."

"This woman is obsessed with my belly."

"Someone is going to pay for this."

"What do you mean you want to comb my back again?!"

" OMG!... She is lifting my back leg again!"

  "What are you feeling my belly for?"

"You got it all...there is nothing left!"

"oooooh....I like this....but if you think this makes up for all of that combing...you are sadly mistaken.!"

"I can't believe it!"

"She picked up that darn comb again!"

"Someone take this darn comb from her before I don't have any hair left on my body"

Okay...where are you Mom?...I am ready to go home now."

After I was done combing out my sisters cat, I took the camera to get some of my own pictures.

I love taking pictures of cats faces, and then playing with the pictures in Photoshop.

Happy Grooming, MFF

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